A Head Start on Fall Fashion

As I was picking through this, that and the other pair of ballet flats on ShopStyle, I realized that it has been absolutely AGES since I’ve regaled you with any sort of fashion guidance.

Por que?

Obviously I did a rather prolific amount of shopping pre-honeymoon.  My closet is packed with the frocks and tunics to prove it.

But when we got home, I decided that I wanted to hold off on the retail therapy until fall got a little…closer.

I kept both peepers peeled while we were overseas, because I wanted to get an idea of what Minnesotans would be wearing in…two years.

It takes trends a while to really “make it” to the Midwest, you know?

Go Wild:  Leggings, nautical-everything and Kate Middleton are still in.  As are rompers.   Vote yes to Hermes Orange and bold shades of blue.  Or more reasonably, you won’t put a foot wrong with navy, olive greens and everything in the “buff” family.

I’m not sure why there seems to be such a slant in this direction, but I’m just guessing that it has to do with the fact that they seem somewhat…austere.  Or maybe we just like being reminded of the military.

Who knows?  Who cares?

What do I want to hang in my closet for weekend trips to the orchard and our next round of Dive Bar Dates?

I know, I know.  There are no pants in this picture.

Someday I’ll commit to buying a proper pair of jeans again, but since I don’t know what size my thighs will be at the end of marathon training (they were sturdy to begin with), there’s really no point in entertaining that idea.

Next week we’ll do frocks and heels.

What are you dying to add to your wardrobe for Fall?

How do you decide which trends are worth investing in?


14 responses to “A Head Start on Fall Fashion

  1. I saw tons of TOMS in Europe – but perhaps as you say, they were all on Americans. It is hard to know for sure. I saw them the most in Prague, where I have complained tourists were overflowing.

  2. I just found out today that the owner of TOMS did a speaking engagement for a religious group. Apparently the religious group was also anti-gay and there was a major uproar on the internet. He apologized. Nobody cares.
    I still wear TOMS.

  3. The truth is that I have been on the fence about Toms. They are super cheap. And comfy. And relatively attractive. And perfect for traveling. But gosh, I’d feel like a total MOM or something. All I’d need is a stroller and a dog and maybe an SUV to complete the picture.

    I’ve thought this out very thoroughly as you can see here…

  4. I am dying for a pair of brogues! My sister has a pair, and she refuses to let me wear them and has forbidden me from buying a pair, but ugh!! I NEED THEM! They look so cute with a skirt and tights!

  5. I can’t believe it’s already time to think about fall! Crazy! I need a new pair of brown boots, ideally with a heel and a pointy toe.

    Are you really training for a marathon? Do tell.

  6. Oh girl, I’m on a self-imposed spending hiatus and it’s killing me. Since we’re so close to fall, I’m not allowing myself to buy anything summery, but I don’t want to buy anything for autumn until it gets cooler. So I’ve been making tons of lists. I’ve got my eyes on some fancy jeans, bright coats, and boots. Lots and lots of boots!

  7. Oh, I really want myself some TOMS, but I cannot justify the price tag…yet. Maybe I will get myself some Keds and pretend 😉

  8. Your legs will be huge. I promise. Finding jeans is tricky!

  9. I bought a pair of skinny jeans that actually fit, so now I need to find the perfect boots to go with it.

    I love the blue cardigan!

  10. Really, I don’t care either way about TOMS. The concept behind them is good, but they’ve really become more of a fashion statement.
    Who needs pants? Ha, I’m not really much for pants, but it’s just because I want to wear dresses all of the time.

  11. I still have not found the perfect brown “riding” boots. I have an idea in my head and they are either way out of my price range or not quite what I envisioned. I’ve tried for the past two years to find them, albeit not very hard, but it is something I always envision as part of my perfect fall outfit.

  12. I’m with Julie in the quest for the elusive, perfectly affordable brown riding boot. I’ve been searching for years because they just scream Fall to me. I’m sure I will buy 6 or 7 more scarves to make up for not finding them again this year.

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