Changing the Scenery

Since I ran this morning, as I was driving home I set my heart on doing my yoga practice outside.  Even though I read about people doing yoga on beaches and in parks all the time, the idea didn’t even occur to me until about a month ago when I saw a particularly pretty sunrise.  Today, the weather cooperated stars aligned.

Since I have zero experience with yoga on any surface other than a mat over carpet, I was romanticizing the idea of bare hands on wood…big time.  You know, being one with nature and all that.

After asking Twitter, I was informed that trying to go without a mat would only result in splinters and tears.

Splinters and Tears ≠ Harmony

Because I swap mats as the mood strikes, today was a pink day.

Fancy studio, huh?

In case you’re wondering, both of my mats are from Target – I inherited them from my parents about two years ago.  They had purchased them for a Community Ed yoga class and discovered that the ancient art was absolutely not their thing.

Obviously I didn’t complain when I took up yoga and it was absolutely…free.

I keep on telling myself that someday as a reward for maintaining a successful practice, I’ll splurge and treat myself to all sorts of expensive yoga gear.  But then my practical half intervenes and I’m reminded that not only am I a solo-artist (I practice on my own in our basement), but my gear actually works pretty darned well.

Mats and gear aside, after I managed to tune-out the hum of our air conditioner, I really did find it to be more peaceful than what you can achieve indoors.

Confession: It’s not all glamor all the time.

Sometimes, the 21 Day Yoga Challenge involves you rolling into the house around midnight, doing a downward dog in your walk-in closet and hopping into bed to fall into the deepest of sleeps.

THAT pose was sponsored by Paulaner’s Hefeweizen.

I’m just trying to keep it honest, kittens. 😉

Have you ever practiced yoga outside?

Where do you get your yoga mats/apparel?


12 responses to “Changing the Scenery

  1. I admire you for practicing on your own. That is something I cannot seem to get into. Maybe I should get myself a DVD and follow that… And then maybe I can progress to outside because that does sound delightful!

  2. I am terrible at yoga (I have yet to do it without falling over), but I do use a mat for my exercise classes. My mom gave me an extra one of hers. The good news is that was free. The bad news is that it’s a horrible split pea soup color. I would much prefer a pretty pink mat, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money when I have a perfectly usable ugly green one. 😛

  3. I actually got my mat at Tar-jay 😉 It’s also pink. I’ve never done yoga outside, minus a couple moves to stretch things out.

  4. I keep trying to get into yoga but it is just not my thing. I’m super impressed with people that can do it regularly and really enjoy it. However, your outdoor session idea seems heavenly.

  5. I love getting to practice yoga outside – there is something so refreshing about it. My favorite is to do it on the beach (though that can get rough on the shoulders). I get a lot of my gear from REI, Midwest Mountaineering, or Prana itself (my favorite yoga brand).
    Much love,

  6. I got my yoga mat from TJ Maxx for 12 bucks and I love it 🙂 I haven’t done yoga in forever but I’m hoping to get into it more. I bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited yoga, so I can’t wait to go more often!

  7. I totally use a towel on my carpet as my mat lol Im a dork that way
    Ive thought about doing yoga outside, but Im nervous my next door neighbors might think im a creeper. Im even more nervous that they’d come over and ask to join!

  8. What timing! I just practiced yoga for the first time this weekend after way too much time away. And, of course, while trying to be all zen-like, I was thinking about where to go to update my sad, stretched-out Old Navy gear. A friend told me about Lululemon, but I’m not sure I can stomach three figure yoga pants. 🙂

  9. Splinters from yoga-ing? Not a fun deal. Seems like it would be nice to do it outside though!
    I’ve never been much for any of the yoga vibe, but I’ve tried. Zen apparently isn’t how I roll.

  10. Funny you should ask! I just did a free community center outdoor yoga class and I am DEVASTATED that I just discovered it. Because it’s done in September for obvious reasons. I really loved it, even though it was group “practice.”

  11. Way to practice outside, Earth Girl! 😉 I love outdoor yoga. I tried to take a free yoga-on-the-beach class, but some of my homeless friends (from our community meals) “lived” nearby and tried to crash the class or do poses next to me. It really was hilarious, since they had yet to sleep off the effects of their nighttime activities. But for the sake of those who didn’t find drunken homeless folks an amusing addition to the class, I stopped going so that they wouldn’t keep disturbing the Zen.

  12. I have been wanting to practice on our dock for a while but it’s still too hot in MD and I’m afraid my lack of balance might turn my yoga practice into a swim practice. Great work changing up the scenery, despite the splinters!

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