Daily Archives: 08.08.2011

Changing the Scenery

Since I ran this morning, as I was driving home I set my heart on doing my yoga practice outside.  Even though I read about people doing yoga on beaches and in parks all the time, the idea didn’t even occur to me until about a month ago when I saw a particularly pretty sunrise.  Today, the weather cooperated stars aligned.

Since I have zero experience with yoga on any surface other than a mat over carpet, I was romanticizing the idea of bare hands on wood…big time.  You know, being one with nature and all that.

After asking Twitter, I was informed that trying to go without a mat would only result in splinters and tears.

Splinters and Tears ≠ Harmony

Because I swap mats as the mood strikes, today was a pink day.

Fancy studio, huh?

In case you’re wondering, both of my mats are from Target – I inherited them from my parents about two years ago.  They had purchased them for a Community Ed yoga class and discovered that the ancient art was absolutely not their thing.

Obviously I didn’t complain when I took up yoga and it was absolutely…free.

I keep on telling myself that someday as a reward for maintaining a successful practice, I’ll splurge and treat myself to all sorts of expensive yoga gear.  But then my practical half intervenes and I’m reminded that not only am I a solo-artist (I practice on my own in our basement), but my gear actually works pretty darned well.

Mats and gear aside, after I managed to tune-out the hum of our air conditioner, I really did find it to be more peaceful than what you can achieve indoors.

Confession: It’s not all glamor all the time.

Sometimes, the 21 Day Yoga Challenge involves you rolling into the house around midnight, doing a downward dog in your walk-in closet and hopping into bed to fall into the deepest of sleeps.

THAT pose was sponsored by Paulaner’s Hefeweizen.

I’m just trying to keep it honest, kittens. 😉

Have you ever practiced yoga outside?

Where do you get your yoga mats/apparel?