Daily Archives: 08.07.2011

Take me out…

Today we headed over to Target Field to catch a Twins game, as per Adam’s birthday wish for some quality sibling time.

I’ve been to a fair number of Twins games in my day, but I hadn’t been to one since they moved to Target Field last spring.  Even though I’m really not the biggest fan of baseball, I couldn’t wait to take the whole experience in.  Because as pretty much any red-blooded American will tell you, outdoor baseball is where it’s at.

We started out with standing-room only tickets because we wanted to do a little bit of stadium wandering touring.  AND, even though the games bring in big crowds, there are always empty blocks of seats that you can slip-in to halfway through the game.

There are so many places to watch/stand, that we had fun wandering a bit and then stopping to check-out the game from a new angle.

It was a low-commitment way to spectate 😉

After conquering the lower level, it only seemed right that once we made the climb to the upper deck.  Translation: Smaller Players, Prettier Views.

No, we didn’t plan to have matching hats.  The Universe is to blame for that one.

How do I know that Adam and Michelle know me too well?  They thought to take a separate foot-shot, since they know my biggest pet peeve is being photographed footless when it’s a full-body shot.

What no one warned me about before the game, is that while you’re there, you’ll see everyone you know.

Like Nina.  Or possibly your brother and a cousin (or two!).

Just call it The Great Minnesota Get Together.  Except with a four-hour time limit.  And sort of fun-sized.

Apparently this is to be expected.  You had better believe that next time we catch a game, I’ll be prepared to meet my kindergarten teacher and an extremely enthusiastic third cousin, once removed.  Because even though you thought that chapter of your life was closed, this is where everyone starts to come out of the woodwork.

When is the last time you went to a baseball game?  Do you like watching them?

Truth be told, I’m absolutely not a baseball spectator, but I really wanted to see the new stadium (and rock Adam’s birthday wish!).

Does your city tend to have outdoor or indoor stadiums?

In Minnesota, for pro-sports, you’re FAR more likely to find an indoor stadium than an outdoor one.  But in the past few years, we’ve opened a couple of outdoor spaces, so I think that maybe we’re starting to come around to the idea?