Time to Check-In

Thank you all for bearing with me last night.  I crashed.  Big time.  And slept the sort of sleep that is almost painful to wake-up from.

The most important order of business today: As per your comments (and the fact that Bri actioned a pumpkin roll at home last night), we’re not going crazy.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, or what we do or do not want to believe, it’s pumpkin time.

When you’re having a weak moment, just think of sweet corn and fresh tomatoes off of the vine.  And Stay Strong.

I feel like it has been a few weeks since I last posted about my body for life, so I felt like it was time to check-in.

Here goes.

I can officially say that I have my pre-Honeymoon body back.  Hooray.  I really didn’t know if it would be possible or not in this amount of time, so I’m pretty proud of myself for daring to hope.

Reality: It took about 160 miles and more early mornings than anyone could ever want to admit, but it was absolutely worth it.  I had no desire to sit in No Man’s Land with a body in transition for months.

Plus, I’m looking forward to being able to prance my way through the remainder of wedding season without a care in the world.

Small victories.

But since healthy living doesn’t ever “end,” where is my head at these days?

I’m participating in Jenna’s 21 Day Yoga Challenge.  Since I already practice six days a week, I think the hardest part is going to be incorporating some sort of practice on my long run days.  I just have a hunch that my napping doesn’t count as savasana-pose.  But it could actually be really nice to incorporate post-nap in order to properly wake-up.

Because post-nap Kat on a Saturday afternoon?  Is not a pretty sight.

Jenna also encourages us to break a habit as a part of the challenge.

While I don’t know that I have any habits I want to or even need to bust, I do want to become more mindful about my processed sugar intake.

I should preface this by saying that I have absolutely no qualms with the sugars in fruits.

But I realized that I have absolutely no idea of what a “healthy” level of sugar in packaged food (bars, yogurt, etc.) is.  At all.  I would probably have a better chance of guessing what the Earth’s mass is.  That’s the amount of cluelessness we’re working with here.

Will I necessarily be inspired to make any changes to my diet based on that?  No.  Unless, of course, I discover something totally horrific.  And if that’s the case, I’ll likely have some soul-searching to do.

Intuitive Eating is…coming along.

So far, the only thing I’ve really managed to understand is the fact that my body does not acknowledge a zone between Comfortably Full and Hangry.  There is absolutely no happy medium.  Because of this, for the most part I do continue to eat on the “schedule” I’ve had for the past year.  Which is to say I have breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and dinner.  It keeps me from having tummy troubles when I run and more importantly, it makes me a kinder human being to be around.

The most noticeable change is probably the fact that I’ve increased the size of my breakfast by 50 calories and a cup of volume (hello, satiety).  Or the fact that sometimes I’ll graze my lunch over the course of two hours, depending on what I’ve brought.  I’m still waiting for an earth-shattering epiphany, but for now that will just have to do.

How are your healthy living goals coming along?

Last time I checked in, we were eating more vegetables, starting new running habits and more.  So, spill!

Have you ever taken part in a blog fitness/wellness challenge?

Do you keep track of your sugar intake?

Up next tomorrow: The Honeymoon, Part III – Santorini and Istanbul


9 responses to “Time to Check-In

  1. Truth: This whole healthy living thing is harder than it sounds. I lost two pounds while on a week vacation in Israel, but I can’t be super excited because it was all muscle loss (whatever. my jeans are still starting to sag on my ass). I had my first session with my trainer tonight and I know it’s going to be hard for me to walk that fine line between pushing it to my limit and not crossing over it so I end up injured, burnt out or just giving up.

    I do indeed try to watch my processed sugar intake – especially because I’m at a higher risk for diabetes than the general pop. I also try to make sure all of my meals are balanced when it comes to the glycemic index – so even fruit comes in moderation (but I can have all the spinach I want!).Even today I *watched* myself consume a half a Elite chocolate bar from Israel.

    Like I said, healthy living is harder than it sounds… And tomorrow is another day to practice getting it right all over again. Stay strong.

  2. congrats about getting to your pre-wedding weight! 160 miles? amazing. even more amazing is how honest you are about it. i love that about you.

    i am not a big sugar person anymore so i don’t have to keep track of it like i used to. i know now that if i eat one too many chocolate chips (and i have a problem letting go of the bag at night) then i will feel disgusting in the morning. and that stops me from overindulging! i think going sugar-free is a great way to reset your taste buds. it totally worked for me.

    ps – sorry about the no capital letters here…i have issues with my shift key, as you likely already know!

  3. Congrats, Kat! Like, you, I try to keep myself on a schedule so I never get too hungry and go crazy. I like to eat a big breakfast because then I stay full from about 7:30 a.m. to around noon. I have found that breakfast to be absolutely key! Oh, and drinking lots of water/tea.

  4. Congrats lady. Like you, I am exhausted. I commend you for being able to get up early and do your thang, I have barely been on time to work since I’ve gotten back from vacation. The combination of work stress and jetlag are miserable! Ah well, the weekend is around the corner.

  5. You are such a super star! Seriously I don’t know how you do it without passing out from exhaustion. And you’re doing the yoga challenge too. Wow girl.

    When I limped out of bed this morning, I though, “Kat went running two hours ago…plus time zone difference…and I can barely make into the shower.” Seriously I really thought that.

    I suffer from a terrible addiction to sugar. I thought I had mostly kicked the habit until the Secretary at work refilled her candy jar last week. Oh dear.

  6. Sounds like you really needed that sleep! Way to go getting back on the healthy wagon after the honeymoon. As for my healthy living goals, I guess it is going well- I still consider myself healthy! This week has turned into an unplanned ‘rest’ week due to some evening events- but I know I’ll be back in the gym before I know it.

  7. I really need to track my sugar!! It’s not easy with fruit though..

    I have jumped back on the healthy train this week. heres to sticking to it!

  8. Nice job on the getting back to your happy weight! Right now, I’m just trying to eat healthly, and not obsess about food. I’ve spent way too much time worrying about when I eat, when I shouldn’t eat… I just need to let myself chill and go with the flow of food.

  9. 160 miles *and* you practice yoga SIX days a week?! Holy Hardcore, Batman! You ROCK!

    I’ve also tried to limit my sugar intake, so for me, that’s entailed limiting my baking habit to twice a week & not eating 1/2 of whatever I baked. Sad, but true. I also used to skip (gasp!) or delay breakfast until I got around to it (sometimes after lunchtime) because I was taking care of everyone else. Or I would eat small, work out, then protein shake. Now I protein shake, work out, then eat, which seems to enable me to make better choices for the rest of the day.

    Grudgingly, I must admit that since I started running instead of walking, I don’t crave sugar nearly as much.

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