Daily Archives: 08.01.2011

Mother Nature vs. Pop Culture

Before we get down to business, a few of you have been asking about what kind of planner I carry.  I got a myAgenda by momAgenda.  If you want to see a snap of what it actually looks like in the flesh, check this post out.

I got the desktop size, which is an absolute beast.  So if you were to size-down (provided your handwriting isn’t especially loopy) I’m sure you would be more than happy.

So, there’s that.

Confession: When I found out that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would be coming back in September, I practically jumped for joy.  I missed those girlfriends.

They keep it real with their Calypso-St. Barth’s frock/tunic arrangements, spa days and the glasses of wine that they NEVER seem to finish.  Toss in a pair of Kendra Scott earrings and they’re ready to roll.

They keep me grounded, kittens.

And after that brief wave of jewel-toned nostalgia, I realized that September is almost…uncomfortably close.

The light is starting to change, for crying-out-loud.  My evidence?

An epic craving for canned pumpkin.

Yes, I have a giant can stashed away in the pantry from last fall.  No, I won’t be taking it out just yet.

I feel like we’ve only just entered the part of the Minnesota summer where we can FINALLY eat our own sweet corn like it’s going out of style (it is).  I refuse to give that up.  You have nothing on me, Mother Nature.

But it’s kind of on the same level as that one time last March where I couldn’t stop eating sweet potatoes.

Not good.

So to embrace the last month of summer, I sourced  new wallpaper for my phone.

I know most people do something a little bit more low-key.  Like tan.  Wear swimsuits.  Mow the lawn.  Eat popsicles.  Make popsicles.  Seek shelter.

I needed something that came with a little less commitment.

As it turns out, less commitment actually looks a little bit garish.

But I’m still obsessed.

I will say that even though Dandelions are Hell On Earth as far as keeping a well-manicured lawn, the way their seeds waft around at the end of the summer is one of the prettiest sights.

You know, once you get over the fact that you’re basically watching an invasion take place.

Have you had any unseasonal cravings lately?

I’ve also been dying to braise various cuts of meat with a ferocity usually reserved for buttercream frosting.  Where on earth is my head at, right?

What shows are you looking forward to watching this fall?

I’m also looking forward to the return of Boardwalk Empire on HBO as well as the beginning of a few new shows on the Food Network.