Gathering the odd thought

1. The dress was fabulous.

2. My new planner officially begins this week.  Praise God.  After a few days of reflecting on its size (Bri thought I brought a Bible into work…not kidding), I’ve come to see it as a testament to my Instinct To Plan.

3.  As a forewarning, this week is a hot mess, scheduling-wise.  Marcus and I are booked every day and night until the 8th with the exception of tomorrow night.  We didn’t even buy proper food to cook for dinner.

Yes, seriously.

I’m as perplexed as you are.

Though, I am of a mind to action a pasta dish tomorrow night using some vegetables that we sourced from the farm.  I don’t remember the last time that noodles graced our table.  Can you?

4. I need to renew my Vogue subscription or else we are going to be living in a world of hurt when The September Issue goes out.

It might be hearsay, but I think they’ve been losing a bit of their edge lately.

Regardless of what layouts and spreads they are or are not doing, it’s like eating your vegetables.  It simply must be done.

While you’re at it, take note that blue is joining orange and Pendleton-style prints as The Thing To Wear this season.

5. While we were out last night, instead of taking pictures of meaningful things, like friends, I focused my efforts on beer boards and taps.

I’m confused by it too.

But since I committed, we may as well do a viewing.  It’s called, Tap Study.

Don’t lie, you’re loving the Lomo here as much as I am.

6. I just renewed my domain for another five years.  When I was talking about it with Marcus tonight, it was absolutely mind-boggling to think that two years ago I was desperately trying to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress, buy a domain and map it all out.

Do we still have a long way to go?  Absolutely.  I would be lying if I said that I knew what was next.  Because there are a lot of things that could be next.

But that’s not the moral of this story.  The moral is that time flies.  Modern day Aesop, right here.

What was the most spontaneous thing you did this weekend?

Bloggers, do you self-host or not?  Why?  How did you decide if you were meant to spring for a custom layout or tweak an existing-one?


11 responses to “Gathering the odd thought

  1. What brand of planner did you get??

  2. Those are cool beer taps! And wow, five years. That’s a long time! Then again, you’ve been writing for how many years now?
    The most spontaneous thing I did this weekend was an improtu float dow the river.

  3. I’m trying to become self hosted now!! I’m just at wordpress but would love to be self hosted for the freedom. I’m trying to save up so I can make the switch 🙂

  4. I’m about to move to a self host. And I wish I could drink all those beers!

  5. I tweaked an existing layout and I self host. I am trying to find a HTML class to beef up my skills. I love to change things up, so I hope I can learn enough, so I can change up my blog look a couple times a year. I should have taken HTML in college!

  6. Do you have a link for your planner? I have been searching for a great planner, but I always end up with something crappy from Target.
    I’m not sure why I can’t have an online calendar like everyone else. Something about the tangible object and writing things down helps my memory. ???

  7. i would like to buy my own domain but im afraid that everything will delete in the transfer!

  8. I ‘bought’ the domain, but wouldn’t know how to self-host! I don’t think I have the patience. I’m still using my old blogger site to get to all my favorite blogs- I probably should go to google reader- but I’m too confused and haven’t had the time to play! Oh technology! Maybe I can find a young kid to teach me…

  9. My bro-in-law is helping me switch to self hosting, but if anything happened to him I would be lost.
    Most everything he says is way over my head. 🙂
    Thank God for helpful people. I’m not even sure why I’m doing it except he is convincing me I’ll be glad later. ha.
    I’m actually finally having some fun messing with what I have to work w/ using WordPress as my host…I think there is a lot you can do if you try…
    Aloha to you—and here’s to another five years!

  10. I can’t self-host. I have neither the time nor the inclination.

    I need to dedicate more time to my planner. My system is failing. But I am giving up my data plan so I can’t rely on my Outlook (which updates on my phone). I need to keep paper stuff going for my sanity. I may need to schedule time in. Is this too OCD?

  11. I would love to self host, but I want to be sure that I understand the whole process before making an attempt. Ditto for changing themes. And let’s be honest–I have no idea what I am doing. The former computer-geek in me has nightmares of losing everything into the abyss.

    Happy 5 years! You should definitely take the self-host/new theme plunge. Then tell me how you did it. 😉

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