Daily Archives: 07.24.2011

A Proper Tailfeather

I wish I could say that this weekend was SO relaxing, but the reality is that I’ve spent the better part of two days running around town and checking things off of To Do lists.

Lest, you get the impression that To Do lists are a bad thing, you should know that crossing things off of them might qualify as a pastime in my book.


So where we left-off, I was getting ready to hustle out the door to a wedding.  Because it’s summer and that’s what we do these days.

We Wed.

Nina looked just gorgeous.  I think she might officially be The Happiest Bride I’ve Ever Seen.

Fact: When she and Matt were sharing their vows, she promised to be “The best mother ever to all of the sparkles in my eye,” and it took every ounce of self-control I had in me to keep from bursting out into big, ugly sobs.

They had a beautiful ketubah.  She showed us a sneak-peek of it a while back, so I was really looking forward to seeing what the finished product looked like!

I’m not 100% positive, but I think that the little peacock might be my favorite part.  I’m always a fan of a proper Tailfeather.

And their tablescapes were so effortlessly chic.  I’ll be the first to say it: Pastels can be Tricky.  But the way they popped in the middle of all of the cream, and contrasted with their bolder, place card-counterparts was just 11/10.

The macarons?  Were DEFINITELY 11/10.

Confession: I had six.  The rundown?  Three Salted Caramel, two Mocha and one Raspberry Lemon.

I couldn’t even help myself.  I blame it on the running.  Or it might have just been The Universe directing me to Fortify Myself.

Because, when I got home from the reception, The Spirit of Productivity took me.

Sometimes it’s just best to stop thinking and start acting, you know?

By the time I was ready to tuck myself-in to bed, I had a complete set of addressed thank you notes (!).  The only thing I have left to do tomorrow is stamp them and toss them in the mail.


What’s the last “big” project you had to tackle?  How long did it take you to finish it?

Wedding desserts: cake, cupcake or other?

I’ll be honest, as long as it’s delicious I don’t discriminate.  There was a time where I was a cake-purist, but having eaten enough bad wedding cake, I’d really rather pass in favor of something fantastic.