Friday Food Round-Up!

Truth: This is the first week since we’ve been back where I’ve felt compelled to source recipes and stick to them.  It was so cleansing, really.  And (!) I’m so pleased to say that every single one was new to us!  How adventuresome, I know.

I don’t know what has gotten into me or my camera lately so I apologize for the less-than-spectacular food photography.  Just know that despite the bizarre lighting and staging, you need to make all of these.  At once.

Sunday – Jenna’s Boyfriend-Approved Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Spicy Slaw from How to Cook Everything

I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into the homemade veggie burger pool for a while now.  I refuse to eat the “mystery-veggie/soy protein” ones that you source from the freezer section and even though Katie* keeps on patiently re-sending me her recipe (as I impatiently keep on accidentally deleting it out of my inbox) the stars simply haven’t aligned.

So when Jenna  alleged that her meat-loving man asked for seconds on this recipe, I figured it was worth a shot.

After three bites, Marcus accused me of trying to turn him into a vegetarian, which is absolutely not my intention at all.

Did they taste like “meat?”  Absolutely not.  But they had a hearty texture and topped with cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo we were practically on Cloud 9.

Since we don’t have panko around the house (which will be changing after the next grocery store run) or flax, I substituted regular bread crumbs and a beaten egg for the pair to no ill effect.

Naturally, we needed a side that would compliment the arrangement.  Inspired by the amazing spicy coleslaw we had on last weekend’s Dive Bar Date, I decided to give it a shot at home.

We worked off of the Spicy Coleslaw recipe in How to Cook Everything and then I tossed in some chopped banana peppers and some red pepper flakes for extra spice and tang.  It didn’t quite live-up to the dish that inspired it, BUT it was a great contrast to the burgers and in a night of firsts for our kitchen, was the first time that coleslaw has ever made an appearance in our home.

Monday –Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken from bon appetit and Indian Roast Potatoes from Nigella Kitchen

Oh, glory.  Jenny and Andy are officially on the list of Cooking Soulmates along with Nigella, Ree, Jenna and Mark.  I’ve absolutely loved reading the Dinner: A Love Story blog since I heard about it in The Times forever ago and the follies that these two get into, trying to create delicious, healthy, home cooked food while trying to simultaneously feed their two little girls.

Focus, Kat.  Focus.

Anyway, when I saw this recipe for Yogurt-Marinated Grilled Chicken in the August issue of bon appetit, it demanded to be actioned immediately.

So I listened to The Universe and did as I was told.

How I know it was the right decision?  In some sort of bizarre-o, kitchen-meets-A Beautiful Mind-type moment, I remembered a recipe for Indian-spiced potatoes in Nigella Kitchen.

I know.  I KNOW.

So we actioned those as well, sans the odd seed, and the onions soaked in lime juice.  I just didn’t think that it boded well for leftovers.

The potatoes probably could have used a little more oil to roast in, but the chicken was basically unholy.  It was so moist.  There were so many layers of flavor.  Every bite was a perfect little explosion of lime, ginger, garam masala and joy.

Thursday – The Pioneer Woman’s Taco Pizza

Oh God, Ree.  It has been too long.

This is just another one of the many, many recipes that I spy, print off and then save for whatever rainy oppressively hot day strikes my fancy.

Since we had a classic pair of end-of-the-week avocados sitting pretty in our fruit basket, it only seemed right to make them some companion food.  Out this recipe came.

And because we’re suckers for convenience and knew (KNEW) that there would be nearly-epic amounts of leftovers, we decided to serve it “deconstructed.”  Because sometimes it’s just The Best Course.

After assembly, Marcus likened it to a firmer version of seven-layer dip.


Our modifications: We used refried black beans from Trader Joe’s and mixed the taco seasoning directly into that.  We used another pizza crust recipe.  There may or may not have been guacamole involved.  Why?  Because we could.

What is the #1 recipe you’ve printed off and have been sitting on while waiting for The Right Moment To Strike?

How do we feel about including Marcus’ opinion of our meals?


5 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Okay, I’ve so far been loving the Morning Star chipotle black bean burgers that I can get from Costco, but now that I see this, I may have to go for the homemade recipe! My meat-eating husband enjoys these veggie burgers too, and he loves an excuse to use the BBQ. Thanks for posting!!

  2. I have too many “printed off and waiting for the perfect day to make” to choose from. Seriously, I have a rubber-banded stack in a kitchen drawer. I do love some of PW’s recipes, including her Tequila-Lime Chicken. It’s a keeper. And I’d love to see Marcus’ opinion included after you test recipes. Maybe you could have a Kat rating and a Marcus rating, with a brief explanation of why you each gave it a certain rating. Could Marcus also guest-cook (or grill), or is that asking too much? Everyone deserves their 15 minutes, right?

  3. A pizza form of seven layer dip? Sounds amazing!
    There are a ton of little recipes that I always want to try, but I just have to wait for an event to make them for.

  4. Oh that Pioneer Woman. I want to eat everything that she makes. Her and Nigella both, but Nigella gets extra points for a British accent.

  5. My “printed off for a rainy day” recipes fill an entire compartment of table top file box on my counter. I’ve been dying to try an “easy” baguette recipe that is guaranteed to produce a real baguette with all of its crusty, holey goodness. I’ve never succeeded at making a baguette that didn’t turn out like just a regular loaf of bread.

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