Daily Archives: 07.12.2011

The loveliest of days.

Today has just been one of the loveliest of days.

It might be the new Tuesday Thing To Do…or something.

I woke up to the prettiest sunrise I’ve seen in a long while.  It was all dappled-pinks and purples and grays, illuminating the edges of each little cloud-puff.  I was so taken to the point where I actually took a minute pre-yoga to go out on the deck and just take the whole scene in.

Otherwise, you look away for a minute and the entire tableaux has changed.

Sunrises are just tricky that way, you know?

I can only hope that we’ll get a glimpse of something so lovely tomorrow morning.

After work (and post-run!) Jillian and I retreated for dinner to another Restaurant.com-fueled Indian Feast at Bukhara.  There’s nothing like workshopping all of life’s major trials and tribulations (or lack thereof) over steaming, scented platters of tender morsels covered in sauce.

In case you’re wondering what the scale of our feast was, just imagine a table covered in plates.  Such is the burden of having to order $45 worth of food.

I mean, sure, I might be digesting Shrimp Kashmiri and Garlic Naan from here until eternity.  But good God, at least I’ll be happy while I’m doing it.

And, after almost a week’s wait, a 20 minute appointment and $90 later, you simply must Behold…

A Dishwasher that’s Willing and Able to earn its keep.

How Novel.

I won’t truly believe it until I run it for the first time.  But for right now, it really might be the prettiest part of our house.

Have you ever used Restaurant.com to score steep dinner discounts?

The certificates on their own are an acceptable deal, but if you Google the coupon codes for them, you can get them for between $2-$5 each.  It’s pretty spectacular.

Yoga-practicers: Do you ever do outdoor yoga in your yard or on your patio/deck?

Truly, I almost dragged my mat out there this morning, but then I got a little bit nervous that it might totally freak out the neighbors.  Tomorrow, I may actually be bold enough to make it happen.