Admin is Our Anthem

Kittens, today I feel like we have all manner of admin to get out of the way as far as my life is concerned.  I don’t even think it’s a proper Potpourri!, because it’s not so much that my mind is wandering, but the fact that everything is happening at once.

We all know how that goes.

So let’s do it, shall we?

1. I’m officially job searching.

God.  It was liberating just to type that.  Because it has kind of been in the cards for, well, months a year now.

(I suppose this is the portion of the show where we’ll find out if I’ve done as good a job as I thought I did at keeping this little corner of the internet a secret from my employer.)

But now that we’re home from the honeymoon and our life bears some semblance of a regular “routine,” it is just time.

What am I looking for?  Something new.  Hopefully something that involves writing, social media, or nonprofit work.  It might not be one full-time job, but rather a few part-time things with the odd bit of freelance work thrown in.

Where will all of this lead?  I have absolutely NO idea.  But, I’m quite looking forward to the part where I find out.

2. On a more superficial note, I’ve finally managed to whip my professional wardrobe back into shape.

Translation: I can exclusively wear a cool color palette one week and a warm color palette the next.  It’s an 11/10 way to make sure that you’re not a weekly outfit repeater.  And when all else fails, if you can’t remember whether or not you wore that particular combination the week before, no one else will either.

3. I am IN LOVE with my immersion blender.  I haven’t gone near our food processor yet, but emboldened by a marinade I needed to action (and a serious craving for things that come in a cold, slurry-like form) we became BFFS over a 24 hour period this weekend.

I’m practically ready to carve our initials into a block of wood to commemorate the bond we’ve got going on.  KM+IB 4 EVA.

4. I’ve been holding out on you all.

Yes, we have Le Jardin Proper Flourishing on the deck.

Though, it might be noted that yesterday in the Intense Heat, the Basil tried to die.  I, in no uncertain terms informed it that it was Not Allowed.

But I know you wondered what happened to those planters that were filled with tomato plants in a past life.  You see, after Sue re-planted those varmints, she returned the planters with new flowers.  It was quite thrilling really because I had spent ridiculous amounts of time contemplating a planter on our front step and absolutely zero time doing anything about it.

So, anyhow.  About those planters.  They’re filled with marigolds, something that looks like a cousin of baby’s breath and those neon spear-type arrangements that come in fire-y oranges, reds and yellows.

And last weekend, a new surprise emerged from the greenery.


I don’t know about you, but back in the day when I was but a wee, tiny, school-aged pup, my knowledge of plants included the following: Maple Trees, Oak Trees, Pussy Willows, Marigolds, Tulips and Snap Dragons.  I no longer have the urge to behead them and use the blossoms as fun-sized finger puppets, but they do give me a delightful little jolt of glee when I see them blooming.

Smoothie-makers: What is your favorite breakfast smoothie recipe? 

I don’t have any protein powder right now (but if you have suggestions of brands/places to buy it would be welcome) but I definitely have a fridge stocked with greek yogurt and milk, a cabinet full of oats and frozen berries like whoah.

What flowers do you remember learning about as a little pup?

I swear, the number of thematic crafts we had to do around flowers in preschool was astonishing, really.


16 responses to “Admin is Our Anthem

  1. Okay I think we couldn’t be any more similar Kat, lets just call each other blog sisters ok?! We like Nigella, we both are job searching and love our immersion blenders (IB). I mean really I ❤ mine, the husband should know I have an affair going on with Mr.IB 🙂

  2. I’m a big fan of the Weight Watchers chocolate smoothie powder. I’m not on WW meself–I manage to smuggle a box or at least a few packets home with me every time I’m in D. People keep telling me I look skinny and I’m not at ALL trying (you should have seen what I stuffed in my gaping maw this w/e), so I’m going to give credit to either the smoothies or a tape worm I don’t yet know about.

  3. My grandmother was HIGHLY disappointed in me when I beheaded her prized snap dragons (we get them in South Africa too). She literally snapped at me in anger! I was 3 and it is one of my earliest memories. Not the best memory!

    On another note I’m currently working part time, free-lancing and doing my M part time. My part time boss is uber nice (maybe it has something to do with the fact that I only see her for half a day) and my brain gets stimulated by the numerous things I have going on.

  4. I’m searching for a job too.. GAH, its stressful!! Favorite breakfast smoothie? 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop of chocolate protein, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 cup almond milk, xanthan gum for thickening! taste like a reeses 😉

  5. My immersion blender is so my BFF that I can’t remember life without it. I really like Peaceful Planet “Super Spirulina Protein Shake” powder for smoothies. It’s high protein/soy based/sugar-free. I get it at a food co-op, but Amazon carries it:

  6. I love snapdragons! And yes, I do still snap one off and play finger puppets every once in a while. Snapdragons remind me of my grandmother. Roses remind me of my husband’s grandmother, and spring bulbs like gladiolas, hyacinth & crocus make me think of my mom. I’m so in love with flowers; it’s kind of sick. Personal favorites – peonies, dahlias, daffodils, iris…my list is way too long.

  7. I love smoothies for breakfast. My favorite is:
    -Half an avocado
    -Handful of blueberries
    -Splash of honey
    -Some vanilla soy milk
    -Teaspoon of Spirulina (nature’s greatest natural vitamin)
    -Tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil
    -Some ice to make it cold
    Basically, it is my version of the Seward Co-op’s Avo Omega smoothie. Sounds weird but tastes SO good.
    Much love,

  8. Congrats on looking for a new job, that sounds way exciting. Nothing like a change! My favorite smoothie is a combo of frozen straws, frozen peaches, strawberry yogurt, pineapple, and splashes of almond milk. Veryyy good.

  9. Good for you for looking for something new! I’m thrilled to be starting a new job. Everyone needs change after a few years… otherwise we’d all go insane. Can’t wait to hear what pans out!

  10. I am a recent convert to smoothies, mostly because the guy helping me with my liver problems insisted I drink them every day! I am using brown rice protein powder from Jarro (sp?). It’s not going to win any awards but at least it doesn’t give me a stomach ache like whey protein does. And I’ll take what I can get!

    Good luck on the job search. I am on a perpetual search…it’s not looking too good for me unfortunately!!

  11. I’ve just been thinking how I would love to have a couple part-time jobs instead of one full-time job. I get bored. I would love to do different things. I wish you the best of luck!! You are inspiring me to make a change!

  12. I always wish I could get into the smoothie love, but it’s never been a big thing for me.
    Exciting about le jardin!
    Daffodils have been the flower that signals the beginning of spring.

  13. Yay for changes! I hope the job search goes well! Best of luck!
    And may I just say I adore your le jardin entries? Because I do. :]

  14. I loooooove immersion blenders! I love making soup in the winter, and the idea of ladling hot soup in a blender is not my idea of a good time.

  15. Best wishes on the job front. And, I balked when my husband bought our KitchenAid stand mixer, unsure of whether I wanted to look at it on my counter all the time, but after he bought it, I fell in love and use it as much as he does. In terms of smoothies, we’ve thrown in just about every fruit out there lately, which is fun because then the maker, usually my husband, has everyone try to guess which combination of fruits were used. So, we don’t have an official recipe at this point.

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