A Traitor in Our Midst

I don’t know about you all, but has anyone else noticed that appliances seem to be going down left and right lately?  I’ve probably read/heard enough stories from people I know to fill up both hands and then some.

I will say that as per the Law of Large Numbers, I was getting rather good at the whole listening-sympathy thing…Because it’s impossible to NOT feel bad for somebody when their Air Conditioner went out on a ninety degree day.

But I guess it’s good that I didn’t use all of that sympathy and patience up.  Our Dishwasher is a Joiner and out of nowhere on Tuesday night, it decided to spring a rather festive leak as it cycled.

The Traitor Dishwasher

I was hoping in my heart of hearts that it was merely a by-product of something we had loaded in.  Or one of those freaky incidents.

Mais, non.  We’re in it for the long haul, kittens.

Marcus left messages with appliance repair companies across the cities, but I’m guessing that at this point in the week, with the best case scenario we’re still probably looking at a Monday morning fix .

How lucky.

The thought of having to wash dishes by hand (I know, seriously…first world problem) had me all up in knots.  But when we stopped by David and Sue’s tonight (Marcus had to help them haul some things about for the Master Suite renovation they’re doing right now) I was pleasantly surprised.

Having assumed that the hotel tossed our cake post-reception, I was thrilled to learn that they were storing it for us in their freezer.

You see, in addition to all of the cupcakes, we got a two tier “cutter” cake for us to slice at the ceremony.  My biggest regret?  That I didn’t eat more of it then.  I know that you’re meant to wait a year before you start hacking away, but this cake is FAR too precious for that frightening, flavorless fate.

So tonight, we took home the bottom half (we’ll retrieve the top half when we polish that off) and I proceeded to slice myself off a hunk of The Best Treat Ever.

Stress management?  Absolutely.

Shiraz and Vanilla Buttercream are the new pairing.

Predictability: I only ate the frosting.  I’m going to assume that when there’s a layer of vanilla buttercream frosting spread 1/2″ thick, that means that it no longer has calories.

What is your favorite cake/frosting combination?

Have you ever had an appliance go down?  Did you have to repair it?  Replace it?

p.s. If you’re a shoe fiend like I am, scamper on over to Mads’ blog and enter her giveaway for a $25 Zappos gift card!  You don’t need to be a blogger to enter and Lord knows that at this point in the summer, we could all use a little extra cash to buy something that says “I don’t plan on being functional today.”


9 responses to “A Traitor in Our Midst

  1. The only good thing about living at home is that my parents take care of crap like that! Ironically, we just got a new dishwasher today and a new stove and fridge last week. No more kitchen floods!

  2. Oh no. I hate things breaking! My favorite combo is carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. Yum!

  3. My favorite cake combination would have to be red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It is a classic, but a classic that I love. Otherwise, I am always a sucker for Magnolia’s classic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting – they just do it so perfectly. I think it might be the whole being in a cupcake form – that is my weakness.

    Much love,

  4. Girl, you eat that cake (or just the frosting) and love every minute of it!
    Chris and I devoured our cake in the first week or so after the wedding. His family was appalled that we didn’t wait, but, good grief that stuff was too glorious to freeze. It turns out that we were able to get a free 6″ round in whatever cake/frosting combo we desired for our one year anniversary from the bakery that had made the cake for the wedding.
    Mint cholocate cake with vanilla buttercream. My gosh. The Glory of it . . . and I don’t even like chocolate cake, so that’s saying something! ;]

    So sorry about the dishwasher, though it’s title of “traitor” made me laugh. Ugh. I hope it’s fixed soon!

  5. I heart a vanilla/vanilla combo, I’m boring like that 😉 And BOO on the dishwasher! The only “appliance” to ever fizzle out on me was a vacuum…and I hope it stays that way! Knocks on wood.

  6. Luckily my husband can fix almost any appliance himself, so I don’t get the palpitations I used to when things go down. But we did have our garage door snap this winter, and he was on a week-long work trip, so I did have to get that fixed pretty quickly. Feisty toddler and cold cars do not mix well.

  7. Appliances going down is never fun. I think the last appliance to go down was my printer for no reason. No fun.
    I’d much rather go for the cake than the frosting! Unless it’s cream cheese frosting. But the other stuff? Too sugary.

  8. The fall of a faithful appliance is never convenient. We bought all new appliances when we moved into this house, save the dishwasher, only to have it spew water everywhere on the first wash cycle. When I was trying to unpack with 3 kids and a husband away for 2 weeks. I replaced it without calling a repairman, just out of sheer spite. For the dishwasher. (I think.)

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