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Wedding Wednesday: The Aftermath

Our First Dance.

I’m creating a new tag for all of the post-wedding insanity called “Aftermath,” since this is a totally different brand of chaos.

And I feel like “Aftermath” is one of those things that could likely be useful in the future.  Y’all know me – all function, no fun 😉

Last weekend, when I was getting down to business opening presents, I had all of these great visions of how I would be That Bride, with her entire wedding and honeymoon neatly organized into little post-packages before we knew it.

Reality: The disc of pictures that Jen sent us has sat on our table, undisturbed since its arrival last week.  With the exception of the Honeymoon food pictures that I edited on my phone (as I’m given towards doing), I haven’t reviewed ANY of them.  While the pictures from our phones got uploaded to Marcus’ computer pronto (thank goodness for small mercies), I couldn’t even tell you what the status of the photos from the actual camera are.

Did I mention that I don’t even know where the camera is located in our house right now?  Because there’s that, too.

I keep on reminding myself that we have literally been home for a week.  That eating out of the freezer is fine.  That just because we don’t know what “normal” means anymore doesn’t mean that it won’t come.

Today’s task?  Was me rolling over my blog e-mail, my personal e-mail, my twitter handle, my Google Reader and all of the extraneous crap that comes with those things.

Even the non-legal parts of changing names is so fun.

Para ejemplo: Did you know that Google won’t allow you to transfer information directly from one Gmail account to another?  Because I most definitely did not until I attempted it this morning.  It was offensive, really.

After a few hours, A LOT of forwarding and a bit of would-be hair pulling, I emerged victorious.

My new blog e-mail?  tenaciouslyyourskm at gmail dot com

And my new twitter handle?  @kljwm

So, while I continue to collect my things and my thoughts (since I would rather do this once and do it right), tonight I’ll let others tell the story for me 🙂

And if you need an extra incentive to click-through, just imagine how many photos are waiting on the other side for you!

Jen Whalen’s  Blog (our photographer)

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Madelyn’s Re-Telling

And finally, Laura’s Reflections.

Because I’m deadly curious, when is the last time you swapped e-mail addresses?  How long did it take you to make the switch?

Twitter Users: Have you ever swapped your Twitter handle?

Married Readers: Post-wedding, how long did it take you to figure out what “normal” was?