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Wedding Wednesday: The Aftermath

Our First Dance.

I’m creating a new tag for all of the post-wedding insanity called “Aftermath,” since this is a totally different brand of chaos.

And I feel like “Aftermath” is one of those things that could likely be useful in the future.¬† Y’all know me – all function, no fun ūüėČ

Last weekend, when I was getting down to business opening presents, I had all of these great visions of how I would be That Bride, with her entire wedding and honeymoon neatly organized into little post-packages before we knew it.

Reality: The disc of pictures that Jen sent us has sat on our table, undisturbed since its arrival last week.¬† With the exception of the Honeymoon food pictures that I edited on my phone (as I’m given towards doing), I haven’t reviewed ANY of them.¬† While the pictures from our phones got uploaded to Marcus’ computer pronto (thank goodness for small mercies), I couldn’t even tell you what the status of the photos from the actual camera are.

Did I mention that I don’t even know where the camera is located in our house right now?¬† Because there’s that, too.

I keep on reminding myself that we have literally been home for a week.¬† That eating out of the freezer is fine.¬† That¬†just because we don’t know what “normal” means anymore doesn’t mean that it won’t come.

Today’s task?¬† Was me rolling over my blog e-mail, my personal e-mail, my twitter handle, my¬†Google Reader¬†and all of the¬†extraneous crap that comes with those things.

Even the non-legal parts of changing names is so fun.

Para ejemplo: Did you know that Google won’t allow you to transfer information directly from one Gmail account to another?¬† Because I most definitely did not until I attempted it this morning.¬† It was offensive, really.

After a few hours, A LOT of forwarding and a bit of would-be hair pulling, I emerged victorious.

My new blog e-mail?  tenaciouslyyourskm at gmail dot com

And my new twitter handle?  @kljwm

So, while I continue to collect my things and my thoughts (since I would rather do this once and do it right), tonight I’ll let others tell the story for me ūüôā

And if you need an extra incentive to click-through, just imagine how many photos are waiting on the other side for you!

Jen Whalen’s¬† Blog (our photographer)

Priscilla’s Accounts of the Wedding Weekend…Part IPart II

Madelyn’s Re-Telling

And finally, Laura’s Reflections.

Because I’m deadly curious, when is the last time you swapped e-mail addresses?¬† How long did it take you to make the switch?

Twitter Users: Have you ever swapped your Twitter handle?

Married Readers: Post-wedding, how long did it take you to figure out what “normal” was?