Daily Archives: 06.30.2011

Flourishing and Growing

Oh, how Order And Routine continue to re-assert themselves in my life.

The post-dinner jet lag is beginning to loosen its grip.

I finally have my Google Reader down to ~50 items (I was at 600-some when we touched down) and am starting to catch-up on all of the lovely comments you left me while I was away. They were a LOVELY surprise to come home to 🙂

I still can’t manage to jump back on-board with Twitter (why must everything be so immediate?).  It’s actually kind of ironic, considering the fact that I spent the first three days of our Honeymoon thinking in 140 characters or less.

I know.  I KNOW.

It was that bad.

While we were away, The Tarragon drowned itself in some sort of Torrential downpour, but The Basil Embraced The Tropical Conditions we’ve been experiencing.  It’s deadset Industrious as far as Growing and Flourishing are concerned.

Far Right: RIP Tarragon

We have been actioning Caprese Salads at every available opportunity.  Seizing The Day is key when faced with such abundance.

Meanwhile, The Oregano has really tried to put its best foot forward as far as Regeneration goes.

I did have a snap of that too, but it seems to have purged itself.  Not that there was really much to see.

Perhaps by the time Fall rolls around we’ll have some progress.

What plants have you has Mother Nature managed to kill off in your garden this year?

What’s your go-to dish when you have basil on-hand?