Daily Archives: 06.29.2011

Collecting myself.

Bon soir, kittens!

I thought I would have it in me to type up a brief something-something last night, but then a nosedive into a Chipotle Burrito Bowl happened.

We’ve all been there.

God bless Spicy Food and Vegetables That Still Have Skin On Them.

I actually believed that I had beaten jet lag today, until the clock struck 6:00 PM sharp and my body kindly informed me that on our planet it was really 1:00 AM.


So as much as I want to type more now, I’m 11/10 sure that whatever could possibly come from my fingertips at this very moment in time would be more like drunk texting and less like any sort of easy-to-follow plot.

My fallback plan?  The Not-So-Wordless Wednesday.

I’m only sharing a few snaps for the time being, but that’s because I want to save the rest for when I’m actually fully conscious and we get down to the good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

The cheese I never even SAW at our cocktail hour.

My beautiful bridesmaids and I.

The hora.

A focaccia pizza-type arrangement in Genoa. YOU KNOW I HAD TO DO IT.


In The Spirit of Guidance (since I have absolutely no focus whatsoever at the moment) are there any bits of the wedding/honeymoon you’re absolutely dying to hear about?