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No, Hip America, no.

Tomorrow, we’ll be live from Minneapolis! 

Until then, our last guest post is brought to you by Jillian.  I’ve known her since high school and when our families went on spring break together senior year, and her dad ended wearing my Dad’s swim trunks because the airline lost like half of their luggage, we were pretty much Bonded.


As a regular reader of Tenaciously Yours, I’ve seen Kat blog frequently about both food and trends.  Well, I would like to say a little something about food trends.  I am usually fully on board with food trends, because they mean that I get to pay way too much for something that I used to make at home but now can eat in a boutique-y environment, and it suddenly tastes so much better.

Exhibit A:  Frozen Yogurt.

When I lived in Chicago, I couldn’t walk more than two blocks before I could enter another brightly lit beacon of yogurt-y goodness.  The flavors, the berries, the cereal (eating Cap’n Crunch Berries on top of other foods doesn’t have to be done in privacy anymore!), the endless combinations!  And all under the guise of “it’s good (or not that terribly awful) for you!”  For Midwesterners like me, it was a promise that once I left this shop, fro yo in hand, I would instantly be rollerblading in Santa Monica in a bikini top.  Never actually happened, but you know.

Exhibit B:  Cupcakes.

I get this too.  The flavors!  The frostings!  The clever names!  The lack of commitment to eating a whole cake!  I don’t, however, get the cupcake reality shows.  And I’m a person who gets the wedding cake shows, or just the plain old cake shows.  With a cupcake, you make it and you frost it.  There are no motors, no cracking fondant, where’s the drama?  But this will certainly not stop me from hoovering as many cupcakes as I can with names like “Razz-Ma-Tazz” and “Chocolate Monster Bite”.

But a few months ago, while in the “trendy” area of Seattle, I asked a friend where the nearest cupcake shop was.  To my surprise, he replied, “Cupcakes are so over.  It’s all about pie now.”  Exhibit C as pie?!  PIE?!  The fruity, delightful pastry my grandmother has already perfected?  No, Hip America, no.  It will take a lot to convince me that eating pie in a starkly decorated boutique will evoke the same comfort that I get from eating pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, or smelling a freshly baked pie crust coming out of the oven.

[Minnesotan Disclaimer:  This criticism in no way applies to Betty’s Pies.]

Pie eating is already an experience, and it’s kind of personal.  We all eat pies made by our grandmothers, our moms, other extraneous matriarchal figures.  Wouldn’t you feel strange eating some company’s pies?  Almost like a betrayal?  Seattle, being known as the center of hipster-ism, may never elaborate on pie as the next great food trend, but I warn you all.  There are food trends, and then there are American institutions.  Choose your patronage wisely.

This is my official stance until you walk by some pie boutique in Uptown months from now and see me inside with a big slice of cherry cream pie…

What food trends do you love?  Hate?

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be a cupcake-lover for life.  And as we all know, when I’m in a Fro Yo mecca, I’m sometimes given to eating it more than once a day.  But whoopie pies and red velvet-anything have completely eluded me.

What’s your favorite flavor of pie?

I know the first flavor I can remember eating (at Betty’s!) was Blueberry.  But I’m also very much A Fan of Raspberry, Cherry, French Silk and Lemon Meringue.  Why have boundaries, right?