Puppies Gone Wild

Madelyn from La Petite Pancake is a pledge sister of mine and one of the funniest humans I know.  I got to meet Josie, her lovely little pug over Christmas and after spending an hour playing on the floor with her, had Marcus fearing that I was going to announce my readiness to take the Pet Plunge.  Luckily for him, I didn’t, but luckily for me, I’ve been able to live vicariously through Mads.


I purchased a pug puppy several months ago named Josie.  I dreamed of pugs for 6 years before my living situation finally deemed it acceptable for me to have a dog.  But I had no idea clubs existed for people as insane as me!  My boyfriend signed us up for a pug meet-up group in our area and each month the meet-ups bring more and more hilarity.

First, we took Josie to the beach.  She absolutely loved this until she got slammed by a wave.  Not a fan.

Doesn’t she look like the Doritos dog?

Here she plays with her half-sister, Willow.  Meaning they are sisters from the same mister.  And that mister is named “Brass-Knuckles”.

Josie is insane at the beach, like the way I get around buffets and pony kegs.  But that’s another story.

Anyway, there was another meet up scheduled last weekend at a place called “The Zoom Room”.  It’s a room filled with kooky teeter totters, hoops, etc.  The group rented it out for a few hours and the pugs went nuts!

Here’s Josie’s boyfriend, Bailey.

Ain’t he handsome???

Another crowd favorite, Lulu.

Tofu is on the left (he’s scrappy!) and Willow is on the right.

Pugs are only ever that attentive for food.  Om nom nom!

And finally, Josie for the photo-finish.

I think I am going to start training her to be a rescue dog.  I mean, she could easily grab kittens from burning buildings and save grown men from avalanches.  …right?

She has such a hard life. 😉


Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Does your pet have any strange habits or “favorite things?”

Spot, our Family Fang is a Siamese cat and his favorite food is Maple Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal.


11 responses to “Puppies Gone Wild

  1. I’m definitely a dog person. Where is this Zoom Room?? It sounds fantastic. We occasionally send our boglon terrier (boston terrier and beagle) to a doggie daycare and I love watching her on their dogcam.

  2. I’m more of a cat person, but I LOVE pugs. Everyone thinks it’s a little weird, and they reply with, “Those weird dogs with the smushed faces?” But as I can see, there are other people out there who love pugs too.
    Having a doggy daddy named Brass Knuckles is pretty intense.

  3. Dog person here. Especially little dogs with sweet smushy faces. If you ever bring Josie to Houston, you’re going to have to guard her with your life. My Boston Terrier, Ziggy, would fall for her in a heartbeat with her movie-star good looks and her playful personality. He needs a woman who will challenge him to get off the sofa and play more. If she’s into older men, let me know! PS – he’s an Aries who likes cheese, ice cream, bacon and long walks on the beach.

    • hahaha!
      Josie loves Boston Terriers!
      Josie enjoys cheese, fruit, snoring, and long walks on the beach. I think there’s relationship potential there.

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  5. If I might be so bold…ahem. It appears that Lulu does not carry as weight as Josie. Does someone have a disorder?

  6. I couldn’t be more of a dog person. Especially dogs with squished faces, and/or big block heads, like a Mastiff, or Great Danes. Josie has got to be one tough broad coming from a stud named Brass Knuckles. We used to own and rescue Great Danes, so I keep trying to convince Hubby that we could get 3 or 4 pugs or puggles, and it wouldn’t seem like having a dog at all. He’s not buying it.

    • Great Danes are such cool dogs! I think Pugs and Great Danes are both from the Mastiff family…right?
      Josie has met mastiffs and is precisely the size of their heads. Frightening.

  7. 100% Dog person. I have a labradork named Huckleberry who will drool over any Nom in a 5 mile radius, has chronic allergies and hip issues at the tender age of 3. But what’s mother to do – we love them, they are our children.
    I could make a list of Huck’s weird habits, like enjoying yogurt, carrying a blanket around like Linus from Peanuts and how he talks back to you when he’s looking for attention. Weirdo, but he’s all mine. 🙂

    Lovely pug – a very happy face indeed! ~megan

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