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Mountain Woman Picnic

It may not be a formal Friday Food Round-Up!, but one of my bridesmaids, Emily one-upped me and did a lovely job of documenting her trail-side picnic in Colorado.  She doesn’t blog, but I am SO glad she was willing to do a guest post, because now I want a mountain-picnic too.  If you’re looking for a weekend adventure, maybe this will serve as a much needed bit of inspiration 🙂


Picnic season has FINALLY arrived. Too bad it only took a few weeks longer than expected.

Me?  I happen to be That Girl who asks her parents for a picnic basket for her birthday. Remember the days of asking for a new bike, swing set, board game, swimsuit, or Walkman? Yep, now a days, I’ve succumbed to asking for a picnic basket. And let me tell you, it’s amazing, but that’s entirely another story.

So, until I can use it here, I decided to take full advantage of picnic opportunities in Estes Park, Colorado this past weekend instead. While visiting a few of my college faves, we ended up having at least 4 picnics while hiking the trails in the Rockies. I also learned there are a few differences between my picnic ideas, and an actual mountain woman picnic.

  1. Sandwiches.  Don’t do it.  They just end up smashed, gooey and gross—remember bringing a pack lunch to camp in the summertime and ending up with a smashed, warm, peanut butter sandwich? Yeah, we don’t do that anymore. We went with bagels instead.
  2. Dry goods.  Load up on your granola, cereal, and Lara bars. No need to stop to eat it at a proper picnic, but it does work as a nice dessert or energy boost while taking minimal space in your pack.
  3. Nuts.  Always a winning choice.  Almonds and pumpkin seeds were on our menu, and were they awesome. Met our sweet and salty desires after a few miles into the hike.
  4. Fruit.  Although this can get a bit tricky, depending on the distance you travel and what you pack in addition to your food, it’s best to stick with hard fruits or dried fruits. We chose to go with the organic oranges and apples. We were in CO, did you expect anything less than organic?
  5. Water.  Just remember what your soccer coaches always told you, better have too much than too little. And a sweet Nalgene or CamelBak is a sweet way to sport that.

Worried about the possibility of running out of conversation topics during a mountain picnic because you’ve run out of things to comment on (the scenery can only take you so far)? Not a prob. Some that we came up with:

  • The potential of an avalanche hitting you on your hike back down to the trail head
  • American Girl doll story lines and trivia
  • Disney movie music trivia
  • Children’s novels that we would reread today (Little House on the Prairie and the Redwall series were ours)
  • Pretend you’re Bear Gryllis, how do keep yourself alive until help arrives tomorrow morning?

When is the last time that you went on a picnic?

Honestly, I know that Marcus and I have discussed picnicking before, but I really think that my last “formal” picnic might have been in high school.  Yipes.

Yes, Emily, that means we will be testing out the basket sooner than later 😉