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Wedding Wednesday

NO, not mine.  Obviously.  But Megan from Wanna Be A Country Cleaver is in the middle of some major-wedding planning, and I thought y’all might like to hear the perspective of another bride-to-be :).  She’s a fiend in the kitchen, has for-real lumberjack skills and Embraces The Softness of Lab Ears.

We love it.


You always hear that the time planning your wedding will fly by, to which you respond, “Yeah, right. Thanks Mom, that’s what I have this here internets for –  streamlining and quick searching.”

Famous last words.

I’ve been engaged since Christmas, and really the last six months have flown by like nobody’s business. The first two weeks of my (I mean Our) engagement was spent with me pouring over every bridal magazine I could get my hands on.  I read every article, tidbit, mis-mash and snippet of info I could find to put together a perfect wedding on a budget.

And then, I burned out.

The last couple of months have been focused on some select venue visits, only to the places I know I really must see, excluding others on spec just based on cost, availability, location and overall “theme” or feel of the place from what they provide online. Yup, meet the judge-y girl who will simple pass on your venue if your website is cheesy, wimpy, looks like it was put together during the Windows ’97 era, or is loaded with too much rainbow-colored font that makes me wish I were on some weird Woodstock bender…

So now that 6 months have nearly passed it occurred to me that virtually no decisions have really been made, other than the fact that Ben (that’s my hunny) and I are probably going to stick with a Western Washington wedding.

This in and of itself was a hard decision to come to, because we live and breathe for Eastern Washington. He grew up in a tiny, no-stop light town south of Spokane and I went to university there. Yes, that’s how we met – but actually didn’t start dating until after we were graduated and I moved back to Seattle.

Long distance for 2 ½ years, baby. I earned this bling!

But I digress…

We are living in the greater Seattle area now, planning a wedding amongst our regularly scheduled lives and decided just for convenience’s sake, we might as well do the deed over here. Le sigh.

And now that this large piece of the puzzle has been somewhat solved (besides the actual venue itself), I figure I can start looking for my dress.

Scratch that – I’m looking for my dress because I just need to make A decision.  Just one concrete decision.

When the wedding frenzy took over, my bestie and “Woman of Wonder” MOH, yanked me to the wedding expo with my mother in tow to help me start narrowing down ideas and concepts for the big day.  See, she’s already done this marriage thing – so I trust her.

And there, I saw dresses upon dresses that I simply had to have. Of course only someone who can afford a $35,000 wedding would have been able to afford a dress that cost what some of these dresses did, but sadly I am not one of those people.

The whole thing I was going for was a more vintage-esque affair, since my ring is definitely a more vintage style.

Exhibit A: The Ring

No one ever accused me of being “modern”, or “contemporary”. Lace overlays, little bits of piping and flowers, and a keyhole in the back were totally more my style. Think Legends of the Fall. Does that help? And I tried a few dresses on, more modern, and knew that the old school lacy thing was where it was at.

So remember when I said I wasn’t going to be spending $35K on this wedding?

Let me fill you in on my big secret – I’m cheap. Thank you Mother! She passed on to me large Czech calves, one bad eye and a serious case of the “thrifties”. This leads me to my whole dress epiphany – I’m getting it from Costco.

As it turns out, Kirstie Kelly partnered with Costco for wedding dresses up to 40% off. Really, it wouldn’t have mattered much to me who sold the dresses as long as they were good quality and a good price. Fabulously enough – there was a beautiful keyhole, vintage-esque dress in the lot and I got me an appointment the very first day of the sale!

It's the one in the bottom-right corner.


The first step of my wedding decision dilemma is drawing to a close, and now I think it will start going swimmingly. Especially since they also partnered with Wedding Paper Divas for wedding invitations and have flower packages for rockin’ prices!

Maybe this wedding planning thing will start going much quicker and smoother than I originally thought…now for the colors (sage, lavender?), cake (Ben hates Red Velvet), guest list size, venue, honeymoon (I say Europe), and registry – what could possibly go wrong? *insert sarcasm here *

What were the hard decisions you had to make for your wedding? Cool honeymoon or awesome rock band?  A great cake or great drinks?

Where was your honeymoon? Or where do you dream it will be?