Daily Archives: 06.19.2011

Clotheshorse Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover It

I might not have packed the 40 outfits that Princess Catherine was rumored to have selected for her North American tour.

Um, but maybe I did.

You see, the last time we did Europe it was out of backpacks.  And not proper hikers’ backpacks.  But the kind of backpacks a 5th grader might use.

And Cruise Ships lend themselves well to Wardrobe Changes.

I know I’m not the only one who is struck by the irony of the following situation:

  1. Girl reads fashion magazines like they’re her drugs.
  2. Contemplates erecting a Shrine To Karl.
  3. Doesn’t erect a Shrine To Karl.
  4. Does it in her heart instead.
  5. Agonizes over pictures of Princess Catherine’s and Pippa’s Rah-Sloane Style.
  6. Wonders why this new perspective makes American Prep look positively garish.
  7. Shoots daggers at the Tommy Hilfger ads in her magazines.
  8. Tommy stopped being cool after he told Oprah he didn’t want black people wearing his clothes like…12 years ago.  We don’t Wear Him.
  9. Unless you also happen to enjoy wearing blood diamonds as a pastime.
  10. Attempts to re-create aforementioned Middleton family-style here.
  11. Books tickets to head on over across the pond.
  12. Packs.
  13. Re-Packs.
  14. Edits.
  15. Purges.
  16. Packs again.
  17. Gets off of the plane, only to slip into some sort of terrifyingly touristy jeans and running shoes-arrangement.
  18. Scene.

I did a ferocious bit of shopping for cardigans, cute tanks and dresses this winter/spring, so it was nice to not have to wage quite as concerted of an effort on those fronts.

So what have I sourced in the last month?

I keep on reminding myself that even though that blue and white Merona arrangement kind of looks like a maternity dress, by the time we make it to the last night of the cruise, I’ll probably be thanking God that I packed something so…forgiving.

Right?  Right.

In a stroke of irony, the closer we got to leaving, the more concerned I became with what I would actually wear on the airplane rather than what I would wear on the ship.

Go figure.

What’s your go-to airplane outfit?

The pashmina is an essential accessory for me, as is a giant cardigan that can double as a blanket or a pillow in a pinch!