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From a Veteran of Marriage

Our first guest post is brought to y’all by Ameena of Fancy That…Fancy This.  I have zero clue as to how the Internets brought us together, but I’m thankful to have found a kindred spirit on the California coast who craves Order and A Set Process as much as I do.  When I’m roaming the house, wrangling Marcus’ possessions back into their proper places, I think of her, for I know that our plight is one and the same 😉


I must say, I am a bit jealous that Kat is off gallivanting on her honeymoon while I – a ten-year veteran of marriage – do my very best to ignore my husband’s once endearing but now downright irritating habits, right here at home.

Anyway, when Kat asked me if I would do a guest post on wedding snafus, I had to think long and hard about what went wrong with my wedding. Not too much did you see, and this was mainly because like Kat, I was a very distant bride. I had (and have) zero interest in flowers, color schemes, and I don’t even like cake!

Needless to say, I left everything up to my mom who was more than happy to put on the wedding she never got, thanks to my Indian grandmother who didn’t understand why her otherwise traditional Indian son was bringing home a very blond Canadian bride. But that’s another story altogether.

The only thing my mother insisted I help with was the seating chart. So a few days before the wedding I whipped out my laptop, opened up Excel, and started seating away.

I thought everything was squared away…until the night before the wedding when I found myself on the phone, screaming at my husband-to-be as he gave me names of 12 more guests his dad had invited to the wedding. 12 more guests! The night before the wedding!

In the end everything worked out. I’ll spare you the details of how I made lemonade out of lemons by directing some of my dad’s relatives to dinner elsewhere, but suffice to say there were tears…there was anger…there were 462 guests instead of 450. The important thing is that I am here 10 years later (kind of) laughing about the whole debacle.

My point is this…in the grand scheme of things wedding snafus are kind of like your husband’s once cute but inevitably annoying habits…you know they go with the territory but in the end are irrelevant because all that matters is that you are happy. And aside from some snoring, dirty socks, and a barrage of unnecessary text messages, I am. And I know that Kat will be too!

Congrats to you Kat! May your marriage be everything you ever dreamed it to be!

What’s the most recent last-minute planning snafu you’ve found yourself trapped in?

Married readers, what’s one habit your spouse waited to whip out on you until after the deal was sealed?