Daily Archives: 06.12.2011

Prancer By Nature

As you read this, we’re signing our Ketubah and I’m being veiled.

I so badly wanted to show y’all this snap earlier this week, but Marcus and I made a deal that NO ONE besides us, the artist and his grandfather (who gifted it to us) would see it before the ceremony.

It is absolutely perfect, which is to say that Rani was able to psychic-ly translate what was in my head, into poured ink on paper.

We will treasure it forever.

My bridesmaids have already informed me that as per our rehearsal, I’m prancing down the aisle.  I have absolutely no intention of changing that for today – I’m a Prancer By Nature.

It is still so surreal to think that in an hour, I will be married to the other half of my heart.

Today, I am so blessed.