Daily Archives: 06.11.2011

All Sorts of Sentimental

My Bachelorette party was wonderful.  Toast was delicious, and The Local was packed with even more of my favorite ladies.  The evening was overwhelming and thrilling and everything that I had hoped it would be.

All at once.

My favorite surprise?  Some of my sorority sisters chipped in to get me this lovely necklace.

I love it 11/10.

I was actually looking for a necklace to wear when I change out of my wedding dress into my party/dancing dress, and the moment I put this on last night, I knew that we had found a solution.

Lindsey ended up shepherding me out of The Local at 1:00 AM, which was probably none too soon.

When we got back to Plymouth, Marcus directed me to get into bed and was kind enough to bring me Tots.  As I was busy snarfing them down, I informed him that I was kind-of, sort-of envisioning a grilled cheese.

Because, you know, I was in a totally rational place.

So bless his heart, even though he had absolutely never made one before, he actioned me a sandwich.  I mean, sure, the cheese wasn’t even really melted.  But dipped in ketchup, it’s all relative, no?

This morning, as penance, I ran a recovery seven-miler that probably ranked on my top ten worst runs ever.

When you have to sweat it out, you have to sweat it out.

Suffice it to say I wasn’t particularly productive until we made it to the lunch hour. 😉

I didn’t realize what a difference getting out into the fresh air would make, but when I was walking through the parking lot at Ridgedale (I’ve been there three times in three days now), it was practically Therapeutic.

Tonight was our Groom’s Dinner at Burl Oaks golf club and I wore the same arrangement that I donned for our Engagement Party.

We had it taken in about a month ago and even though it’s absolutely the most impractical dress I own (white brocade with beading at the neckline and headline is kind of A Statement) it’s Wonderful.

A little part of me was worried about being an outfit-repeater but considering that I wore that dress exactly a year ago, it felt like it was probably the right thing to do.

Between that and drinking the bottle of champagne that our parents gave us when we got home from Hawaii, I was all sorts of sentimental tonight.

I should probably make a habit of drinking champagne in pretty dresses for the remainder of the summer.  If that’s not A Calling, I don’t know what is.

What’s your favorite drunk munchie?

What’s the most impractical piece of clothing you own?