All About Accomplishing

Today was all about accomplishing.  I had a To-Do list a mile long and even though I probably didn’t even make it halfway through, it still had me out of the house and running around from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Leah instructed Jillian that their wedding gift needed to be gussied up a little more than the standard Crate & Barrel “do,” so Jillian dropped it off on our front stair this morning with bells on.

It definitely won the award for The Most Ribbons On A Single Present 😉

I admired, unwrapped, ate breakfast and then bolted out of the house to get the day started!

After running around for two and a half hours, I needed to break for lunch.  Since my appointments today were in Dinkytown (on the edge of the University of Minnesota campus), I wrangled Billy and he humored me as I fashioned a lunch out of frozen yogurt.

In the mix: Tart yogurt, raspberries, blackberries, dark chocolate chips, coconut (always), oreo bits and waffle cone bits.

Why this hasn’t made it to the Northwest Suburbs yet, I am unsure.

It was absolutely delish and completely reinforced my belief that Effective: Monday, my appetite totally died.  But frozen yogurt?  Is always a worthy treat.

Once I was done in Dinkytown, I stopped by Mom and Dad’s house to pick up yet ANOTHER round of wedding gifts.  Since at this point, we still have time to Engage In Correspondence and write thank you notes, I have every incentive to Open Gifts Like It’s A Calling.

On my way out, Mom sent me home with a pair of the cookies she’ll be distributing to guests at the morning-after brunch.

I had one with a glass of red wine and called it Happy Hour.  Truly, it was.  If you haven’t tried this technique yet, make a point of doing it…tomorrow.  I consider it a part of living with no regrets.

After my impromptu happy-hour, I found myself practically falling asleep at the table as I was working on the odd Thank You Note.  Naptime was in order.

Post-nap we headed over to Bacio (aka my favorite restaurant) for Mom’s Birthday Dinner.  Even though we promised her a proper Birthday Week once all of the dust from the wedding has settled, we still had to Observe.

I just love the little design details they incorporated in that place!

We ate, drank and were generally merry.  I didn’t actually manage to eat a cohesive dinner but The Carbs I Did Consume (there were many!) were Hardcore Soothing.

And once we got home, I picked out the paint colors for our bathroom and bedroom, as per one of today’s earlier stops at Lowe’s.

You mean you don’t do that every day?

While we’re on our honeymoon, we asked Sue if she would be willing to paint those rooms, since she’s epically good at painting (Marcus and I are terrible) and if we paint them when we’re home, then we’re kind of out a bedroom and a bathroom.

Yes, it took us two years to get it done, but the end result is what counts, no?

How long do home-improvement projects take you?

What is your favorite restaurant?


13 responses to “All About Accomplishing

  1. If I liked wine, I would deem ending every night with a glass and a cookie the perfect ending to ANY day

  2. Home improvement projects take me forever, particularly because of the lack of a home to actually improve…living in an apartment quite simply and eloquently blows. The white walls remind me of an asylum, no wonder I haven’t had a good nights sleep in two years… problem, no?

    PS – favorite restaurant – that is an unfair question to ask a self proclaimed food-freak. Depends on the day really, but today I’m totally Jones for a cheap-ass burger…oh dear.

  3. Omg stop, those cookies are too adorbs. And froyo for lunch? You know how to live, my dear.

  4. Hahaha! So glad our gift made the blog! And I’m glad that all of my ribbons stayed on in the wind…

  5. Hang in there! Home improvement projects=forever. We’re gutting our kitchen starting Monday, and I’m thinking: we’ll be cooking on the back porch barbecue for the next six months, at least. Good grief. Also on the signature, it’ s a weird thing. I changed my last name a year ago and it’s still odd to write/sign…although at least both names were completely above the line, so I didn’t have that trauma to endure.

  6. I don’t know if “gussied up” is actually in my vocabulary, but well done Jillian!

  7. For the record, frozen yogurt + fruit = a meal. Always. Funny to see your paint chips since I spent the better part of the day today picking out paint chips for our bedrooms and 2nd floor bathrooms. We’ve lived in this house for nearly 5 years, so I guess that sums up how fast non-essential home improvement projects happen around here.

  8. That restaurant looks amazing and I LOVE those cookies!

  9. Busy busy day! Napping was necessary. And what a pretty cookie!
    Favorite restaurant… Well, it’s nothing fancy, but I love American Dream pizza in my hometown. It’s just awesome pizza.

  10. What a busy day, I almost needed a nap just reading this!

    That restaurant looks absolutely fabulous!

  11. I have yet to try some fro yo. I want to try it soon! I love those cookies. They are adorable.

  12. I love the cookies…so classy and so practical at the same time. I love favors like that.

    I am not into home improvement projects. I know my limitations and I pay others to do them for me. A wise investment my mom would say.

    FAvorite restaurant would be True Food Kitchen…an new places I discovered last night. When you come visit me – and you will at some point – I will take you there. You will LOVE it Kat!

  13. I always love your food choices and those cookies look A-mazing!

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