Daily Archives: 06.08.2011

Wedding Wednesday

Tonight?  Was just beautiful.

Yes, today is Wedding Wednesday.  But for all practical purposes, let’s just consider this Wedding Weekend.

Because that’s really all I’ve got to go off of for the next few days 😉

Here’s the deal, people.  I’m completely fried.

My attention span is about five minutes tops and I’m no longer able to process sarcasm.

God bless my bridesmaids, for all of this, they’ve been busy talking amongst (and organizing) themselves to the point where I had no idea until one of them told me.

Tomorrow’s remedy?  We sleep until we can’t anymore.


Wedding Wishes

Subtitle: In which I show you the black cardigan I’ve been sporting for three days in a row now, so that I can avoid the washing machine.

My co-workers banded-together today to throw me a little pre-wedding fete.

They arranged for some gifts.

And they sourced a cake from Wuollet’s.

Apparently there was a snafu with the bakery forgetting to “fill” the order, so it was literally baked this morning!

Yes, this means that instead of eating the Chickpea Salad that I had originally packed for lunch, I ended up eating the frosting off of three two slices of cake.  I mean, the cake itself was actually relatively moist and delightful, but I wanted the frosting more.

My Signature

Let’s talk about this one for a minute, okay?  Kids around the country are dropping like flies when it comes to cursive, but not this lady.

For the last 23 years of my life, when I sign my name, it has been ABOVE THE LINE.  And when I decided on Monday that I should probably start practicing my new name?  I realized that Marcus’ our last name has two letters below the line.

All hell broke loose.

I’m just not prepared for this.  It’s like learning how to write all over again.

Readers: How did you cope with changing your signature?