Daily Archives: 06.07.2011


Everything is on my mind and yet little bits and pieces here-and-there do not a good blog post make.  It’s been months kittens.  So let’s get down with our bad selves and embrace the spirit of Potpourri!.

1. Prince William and Princess Catherine are finally on the hunt for some good servants. When I was reading about how it was stressful for Prince William, having to ride at the Trooping of the Colours, and then having to toss on a tuxedo to head over straight away to the Epsom Derby, I was all like I KNOW.

Life would be so much easier if there was someone to fetch your outfit and make sure it’s in proper shape instead of having to use the Eco-Friendly Grocery Bag Full Of Clothes In The Back Seat Of Your Car-method.

2. Speaking of which, even though we all know I’m an 11/10 fan of the Princess, this outfit?

Was SO disappointing.  I don’t want to say that it was a dud, because she didn’t look…bad.  It was kind of as if she was attempting to wear three different outfits (hat, jacket, skirt/dress) and NONE of them really “fit” together.  Like someone who doesn’t make a practice of looking in the mirror before they leave the house.

On the bright side, I have a somewhat similar white jacket-arrangement that I snagged at Banana Republic’s Albertville Outlet location during their Black Friday Sale last year.

3. I’m somewhat relieved to know that “Honoring Your Hunger” continues to be a mystery to the majority of the group.  Obviously if I end up learning anything sage from this endeavor (which is to say that cryptic things on scales of one to anything are OUT), I’ll share.  Until that magical moment, I’m just going to keep on waiting for hunger to strike and eating accordingly.  I think that sounds reasonable, no?

4. Since we’re kind of operating on a screwy-schedule this week, on Sunday I made the executive decision to commit to early morning running (~4:45 AM) M-W.  I realized that if the thought of coming home, having to run, trying to eat ANYTHING and then jetting off to meet with someone was stressful, then it would probably be far-more anxiety-inducing in practice.

Usually it’s hell on earth, but this week my body has been on-board.  And since the weather for the past few days has been hovering around ~100 degrees (yes, seriously), I would have ended up on the treadmill anyway.

5. Two Words: Pavement Failure.  Trisha blogged about her experience with it yesterday, and then today I got to witness it first-hand on my commute home.  Long story short, Minnesota roads are designed to expand and contract depending on what the temperature is.  How logical.  Obviously the range is huge because it could be -20 degrees in the winter or 80 degrees in the summer.

Apparently, the range isn’t quite 100 degrees, because whole sections of road on some of our busier highways/freeways have erupted from their proper place and epically crumbled, blocking off entire lanes of traffic.  It is Quite The Thrill when you accidentally drive over/into it or find yourself in a horrifying traffic jam.

What are your thoughts on the Princess’ outfit?

Have you experienced Pavement Failure?

How early would you be willing to roll out of bed to work out?