Daily Archives: 06.05.2011

A Perfectly Lazy Day

Today was just glorious.

When we weren’t grocery shopping or meeting with our photographer, I found myself staring.

At this...

And this.

Yes, I was in the mood to Heavily Edit today.  The “Lomo” effect on my phone and I?  BFF.

It’s basically a tragedy that I had all-but-forgotten the joys of spending a day sitting in the sun.

Sure, my shoulders ended up a little lot red, but considering that I don’t plan to Spray or Lay before The Big Day (wow…rhyme-y), I think that the end result will be just fine.

Since the weather has been behaving itself so well lately, Marcus and I also agreed that it was finally time to release le jardin into the wild.

After pinching off the tops of my basil plants (they were growing fantastically tall but not fantastically thick), we were left with A New Look.

Kind of a Minimalist-thing compared to The Old Regime.

And more basil than I’ve ever found myself sitting on in one go.  Dinner tonight was A Joy.

Emily was planning on dropping off some of her Chicken Taco Stew and since More is More, I invited her to join us for dinner.  What good are patios, if one doesn’t spend time with friends on them?

We actioned a caprese salad-inspired pizza with our bounty of basil (we also tossed on some mushrooms and caramelized onions) and enjoyed glasses of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo.

Maybe I was pretending it was a warm-up for Italy.

Or maybe I was just enjoying a perfectly lazy summer day.

Have you felt the urge to switch from warm to cool foods OR from heavy to light dishes yet?

I have to say, I thought we were going to be braising things all summer at the rate things were moving.  But today?  I wanted nothing to do with hot food, processed food or meat.  Go figure.  Let the games begin.