Daily Archives: 06.04.2011

Clotheshorse-ing Around

Happy Saturday, kittens!

This weekend?  More celebrations.  And perfect weather to celebrate with.

But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I spent an hour on the deck this afternoon rockin’ the top-knot and bikini look.

No to sunscreen.  Yes to sunburn.

On Friday night, we gathered together for a surprise party in honor of Mike’s 30th birthday.  There wasn’t a specific theme, but since I was hoping to sneak a little patio time in pre- and post-party on Nicollet Mall I thought it would be nice to give one of my vacation outfits a test-run.

Plus, going downtown is a great excuse to dress-up, no?

Freshwater pearls have been such a lifesaver lately.

I’m not sure if big belts are “in” or “out” at this particular moment in time, but after trying a skinny arrangement, I knew there was No Other Way.

Does this mean I have to pack that beast for the honeymoon?

Maybe the no belt-option would be easier.

The jury is out.

Today, post-roasting sesh, we celebrated my cousin David’s graduation.  I had originally selected a navy blue and Nantucket-red arrangement, but Mom had other plans.

By other plans, I mean maybe I did two complete outfit changes before we settled on The Right One.

Apparently we were destined for Florals and Bright Prints.

Clashing, but coordinating.

The same, but different.

Everybody loves a shift dress.

After three hours of standing around outside, I will gladly admit that I was pretty pleased with our final choices.

Do you have a go-to outfit for certain events like grad parties, weddings, or birthdays?

How many times do you usually change before you actually make it out the door?