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Friday Food Round-Up!

Reality: I don’t want to say we were moving at full-tilt this week because I’m sure in the next seven days, things can (and will) certainly get busier.  But we were definitely flying.

When Marcus and I talked about my stress levels and how we could keep them from going off the charts in the days leading up to the wedding, he informed me that my priorities were as follows: Running, Blogging, Cooking.

If nothing else, we can all agree that the man knows me.

His rationale being that if things really got busy, regardless of what groceries we bought for the week, we could always grab take-out.  God bless Punch Pizza, Chipotle, and the sushi restaurant down the street.  Who was I to say no to that deal?

Take-out is all right and good, but I don’t even need to tell you that cooking soothes me.  After a long day at work I very much enjoy focused work that doesn’t involve a great deal of thinking, and the ability to add A to B knowing there will be a predictable end result.

In an effort to ensure that we actually could cook this week, I wanted to make a conscious effort to make sure that our meals met the following criteria:

  1. Easy (and fast!) to assemble.
  2. Delish.  Duh.
  3. High leftover yield.

As an added bonus, I made my first batch of Refrigerator Pickles .  Glory.  And more of that Chickpea Salad that I’ve grown intensely fond of.  If you haven’t made it yet, run, don’t walk.

Sunday – Cilantro-Jalapeno Burgers with Rachael Ray’s (yes, seriously) Black Bean and Corn Salad

I added a hearty dosing of lime zest to the burgers and the salad.


I’ve kind of been on a zesting kick this week.

Our modifications: Lime zest aside, I omitted the hot sauce from the salad and used a can of corn instead of frozen.

To serve it, I chopped up a head of romaine lettuce Chipotle-style (which is to say, super-thin) and then tossed the salad on top.  Sometimes there was Chipotle Mayo and Guacamole involved.  Sometimes there wasn’t.

Monday – Pan grilled/Roasted Turkey Wings with Oven Fries

I’ll be honest.  After the world’s longest (and possibly booziest) happy hour, I came home and drunkenly chopped, grilled and roasted.  It was messy, delicious and completely necessary.

Homemade drunk munchies are never faster to make than those that come from a drive-through window, but they’re definitely more delicious.

On the bright side, I’m happy to report that Drunk Kat maintains the same militant attitude towards raw poultry and kitchen contamination that Sober Kat does.

Tuesday – Fregola with Artichokes, Feta, Toasted Almonds and Herbs from The New York Times

After making this a week ago and elevating it to the A-Team list of easy, delicious dinners, this one got to shine on a busy Tuesday night.

Why do I love it so much?  Let me count the ways.  Uno: It’s a one-dish meal if you want it to be.  Dos: Marcus is able to prep basically all of the ingredients for the dish (sans that extra onion we like to add in) so that when I get home, I can focus on the heating and dumping.  Tres: After years of not-cooking with Israeli Couscous, it’s a novelty 😉

We ate it with soft fried eggs for dinner on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday (separately).  I have to say, of all of the leftovers that I’ve ever produced, these reheat startlingly well.


Thursday – Grilled Chicken Sausages with Roasted Broccoli and Oven Fries (yes, again)

We’re having another streak of nice (read: NOT monsoon-like) weather and since the grill has been just terribly under-used in the past two months, I’m trying to make up for any and all lost time.

We always keep these sausages from Trader Joe’s in the freezer.  I decided it was probably time to use these up so we could buy a new package.  I’m not really sure how solid the logic behind that move is, but that’s really neither here nor there.

They come in packages of five and they’ve got all sorts of different flavors.  Roasted garlic is our standby because you can grill them, chop and fry them up for pasta, add them to breakfast, etc.

As we boiled them in beer, Marcus dubbed the smell “incredible.”  The only thing better than a beer boiled brat?  A beer boiled brat that you finish on the grill and top with caramelized onions.


What staple meats do you keep in your freezer?

What are your go-to sides?

What I never show in my Friday Food Round-Up posts are the monster salads we eat every night.  We chop up a head of romaine, a tomato and then toss it in with some parmesan cheese, the odd crouton and some homemade vinaigrette.  Delish!

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