Daily Archives: 05.30.2011

Memorial Day

Kittens, the sun was out today and we dedicated ourselves to getting our daily doses of Vitamin D.  In all seriousness, I barely knew what to do with myself.

We lunched with Brian, who just got back from his year in Israel (!) at The Tin Fish.  What is life, if not for living it around the shores of Lake Calhoun?

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon weather-wise.  After a morning full of storms, I kind of feel like we earned it.

I also dedicated myself to silently sobbing my eyes out as I reviewed The Pioneer Woman’s Coming Home submissions.  Feel free to sob as well.

As I scrolled through her photos on my DROID, I was absolutely overwhelmed.

Freedom isn’t free.

For all of the wars and armed conflicts that we have sent family members and friends into, we have been absolutely blessed to see all of them come home.

And every time I think about those Gold Star Mothers or I see a flag at half-mast, I think of those who are Called to serve so that we may live without fear.

If you’re currently serving and reading this, then Thank You.

My words are insignificant, compared to what you have already offered up.

And for those of you who are related to someone who is currently serving, Thank You.

You sacrifice every day as well.  Our borders are safe, because you loved them enough to tell them that you would be able to make it.

That you would be able to hold your head up high while they’re away.


As promised I’ve finally managed to draw for giveaway winners!

Our winners are…

For the copy of Nigella Kitchen

#24 Khara

And for the Clip Zip ID…

#8 Jess

Please e-mail your shipping addresses/information to me at tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com so that I can get your prizes to you!

What does Memorial Day mean to you?