Daily Archives: 05.29.2011


We left Crosslake at 9:30 AM  so we could get back to the cities and run the odd pre-Memorial Day errand.

You know, finding peace in organization and all of that.

Not everything I laid eyes upon this weekend was as shocking as the treasure trove we found at the  flea market.  So for now, a few more snaps.

As per the usual, the lake was looking just lovely.  With all of the snow we had last winter and the recent rain, our water level has been extraordinarily high.  The dock wasn’t underwater, but goodness we were close.

Mom brought provisions for an early evening cheese tray.  They’re basically a religion in our family.

For a moment just now, I tried to put myself in the shoes of a cheese hater and attempted to think of one good reason NOT to cheese tray.

I realized there weren’t any.

In a perfect world, Marcus and I would embrace this every day…

In the mix: Bleu Cheese Pecan Dip, Brie, Gouda, Smoked Gouda, White Cheddar. There were also some roasted peppers and an assortment of nuts.

…Let’s be serious.  Post-honeymoon, we probably will 😉

And as promised, a few outfit snaps.  Given that the temperature kept on swinging between 50-60 degrees, sometimes with sun and sometimes without, there was absolutely no place for anything even remotely resembling a tropical print.

We made do.

It wasn’t exactly glamour, but by God, I was comfortable.  And I spent the entirety of the day enjoying Superior Hair.

Thank goodness for small mercies.

Do you regularly embrace a cheese tray?

What are your go-to transitional pieces when the weather is all over the place?

I swear by pashminas and cardigans.  Easy, light layers that I can stuff into my purse are far preferable to bulky pieces I either have to keep on or haul about.

p.s. The giveaway winners will be selected tomorrow!  Thank you ALL for your patience, kittens!