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Friday Food Round-Up!

As you’re reading this, I’m more than happy to report that my current location is somewhere along 169 North.  For you Minnesotan readers, no, we probably haven’t made it to Lake Mille Lacs just yet.

This week’s cooking could be described as frenetic at best.  As per the usual, there were no disappointments, but we definitely rolled with it.

Yes, I realize this recipe should have gone in last week’s round-up.  But I didn’t know we were eating it until just before we cooked it up.

Our modifications: We used parsley instead of mint, dried dill instead of fresh.  We added an entire sauteed onion as well as a carton of chopped up mushrooms that met the same fate.  I’m sure you could use canned mushrooms in this situation and accomplish the same result.  Because steaming artichokes involves a level of fussiness that I don’t hope to achieve for a while yet, we used canned hearts that we quartered.  Yes, this means that for all of the flavor we were meant to be cooking into the artichokes as we steamed them, we back-ended all of it (the red pepper flakes, lemon juice, etc.) into the finished product.  Oh, and we didn’t have fregola, so we did what the recipe instructed and used the box of Israeli Couscous that I’ve been hoarding for a year and a half instead.

Long story short, this is a GREAT, light tasting, filling and extremely forgiving pantry meal.  The entire thing to 30 minutes from start to finish.

And reassuringly, it reincarnated well the next morning topped with a couple of soft fried eggs.

Sunday – Rhubarb Crisp based off of Apple Crisp from How to Cook Everything

Mom and Dad have a couple of mammoth-sized Rhubarb plants in their backyard.  About two weeks ago, Mom and I decided that this year, we’re going to try to squeeze four harvests out of them, which meant that the first cutting was last weekend.  I left with two gallon-bags full of the stuff (sans-leaves, they’re poisonous!) and set about to actioning almost immediately.

I’ve only eaten the stuff in pies with strawberries or in a lovely breakfast cake that Mom makes, but my go-to dessert of choice (which was convenient because we were en route to a potluck BBQ) is crisp.  It’s fast, it’s easy, it tastes fresh and you can make it with basically any fruit you have laying around or in a can.

My only complaint?  Rhubarb has a TON of liquid in it and so when I pulled it out of the oven, I felt like there was a lake of liquid in my crisp.  I’m not entirely sure as to what the best way to remedy this situation would be.

Tuesday – Mexican Lasagna from Nigella Kitchen

Marcus was actually at poker night when I made this so, I cut myself a slice and then topped it with a soft fried egg.  I almost cried, it was so good.

Our modifications: We sort of halved it.  We only used three fajita-sized tortillas (four would have felt excessive, I think), halved the filling and made the sauce as the recipe stated.  Except we DID NOT use ketchup and rather sprinkled a bit of cumin in.  We didn’t put any cheese in the filling (because half the time you don’t notice melted cheese in things when it’s like that) and rather grated some cheese over the top to create a melty, bubbly crust.


Wednesday – Stir Fried Chicken with Broccoli or Cauliflower from How to Cook Everything

Kittens, this was an illustrative tale in what happens when you want to make something, pick a recipe that isn’t ACTUALLY what you’re attempting to make, and then you do it anyway.

Mostly I just wanted the sauce, but never really got around to connecting Point A to Point B.

What I wanted = Homemade Lo Mein

This recipe?  Is obviously not homemade lo mein.  And more ironically, we didn’t even use chicken and instead tossed in a carton of mushrooms and a couple of bell peppers.  Tricky.

So we stir fried the mess and then I tossed in the noodles.


I mean, it didn’t ruin the dish or anything, but this is definitely a case in which it would have made FAR more sense to just stir fry everything in the sauce and then top the noodles with it.

It was delicious and comforting in the way that I was hoping for it to be, but next time there will most assuredly be an easier way.

As an aside, how lovely do the red pepper flakes and sesame seeds look as garnish?

Did you pick any recipes this week that were totally wrong for what you actually meant to make?