Daily Archives: 05.26.2011

Getting Ready To Go

Last summer we made it up to the cabin four times.

And this summer, two is starting to look more and more like a pretty promising number.  Maybe three.

So, I’ve kind of been looking forward to this weekend for…months, really.

Since I’ve been all helter-skelter this week, on Wednesday afternoon I made the decision to ask my boss if I could leave work a couple of hours early on Friday. 

Leaving early = beating traffic = Marcus and I will be able to make it up to the cabin in-time for dinner.

Yes, that means that in less than 24 hours, I’ll be happily drinking beer and chipping away at a pizza at Zorbaz.  It will probably be BBQ, but it might be Mexican.

That little detail is neither here nor there.

As I was driving home from work earlier this week, I realized that it had just been ages since I did a style post that didn’t involve me actually wearing the clothes.

Consider this a visual packing list of sorts, if you will.

Yes, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

Yes, we will be in a place where Buffalo Check is an un-ironic apparel choice.

Yes, we’ll be in a place where you’re more likely to see people selling pearls at the flea market than actually wearing them.

But the Trina Turk and Lilly are my optimistic side coming out.  You know, just in-case we actually get some sun and there’s a reason to look festive.

Instead of like we’re in Forks, WA.

Apologies for that last one there.  Sometimes I slay myself.

I”ll try to take a few outfit snaps while we’re up there (The Cabin is a place that lends itself well to wardrobe changes), so that you can get an idea of what my reality actually is when we retreat.

What are your Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

What are your packing essentials when you go to the lake?

p.s. If you’d like to channel that same pizza-Mexican joint-hybrid that we all love, Angela was so kind as to post her re-incarnation of Zorbaz’ Macho Nachoz.

p.s.s. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!