Daily Archives: 05.25.2011

Wedding Wednesday

Can we talk about wedding brain?

Because kittens, I am just a mess.

Exhibit A: I think I’ve sent e-mails that I actually haven’t sent.

Exhibit B: I tried to brew coffee without water this morning.  Marcus kindly reminded me that in some cultures they just chew the coffee beans.  It wasn’t really helpful information at the time.

Exhibit C: Last weekend, I looked in our utensils drawer and found my granola container.


When I recounted all of this to Bri this morning, she was like, are you seriously thinking about the wedding that much?

The answer to that question is no, I am not.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I fill my hours thinking about, even if I tried.



We got all of our silverware and we have 10/12 sets of our everyday dishes.

So last weekend absent any other forseeable “perfect time” to accomplish this task, we did The Great Dish Switch of 2011.

As we were peeling the labels off of our new dishes, Marcus decided to try putting one of our dinner plates in the dishwasher.  You know, since we had to wash them all anyway.


They don’t fit in the lower rack.

I mean, yes, these are mammoth-sized dinner plates.  And by mammoth, I mean the kind that diet books warn you about, because eating ANYTHING off of them will probably lead to instant-weight gain.  EVEN IF IT’S JUST A SALAD.

But still, the moment that I saw that happen, I absolutely understood what people mean when they say they need to lay down.

The floor was the most immediate option, so I took it.

And with very real tears streaming down the sides of my face, I just laid there for a moment of silence, King Tut-style.

The Ketubah

It’s been absolutely ages since we played that rousing round of Guess How Many Paint Samples I Sourced.

Right?  Right.

So let’s talk about the Ketubah.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to go meet with Rani, the artist who is creating our Ketubah so that we could touch-base and get some necessary details sorted out before she started The Final Copy.

When we got to her house, she was trying to decide how to best incorporate all of the colors we had selected.

Obviously taking 90 colors and fashioning them into something coherent is a totally normal thing to do.

There were a couple of really good options going on that day, but we ended up leaving that meeting agreeing to return in a week to see how one more technique would look.

And when we walked into her dining room yet again, we were greeted by this beautiful sight.


Obviously patience is a virtue for a reason.  Because I can barely stand to look at that snap without letting out a little squeak of joy.

Have you ever experienced wedding brain, pregnancy brain or some variation thereof?

Are you a fan of warm or cool color palettes?

I can’t decide which I prefer more since I definitely wear them both.  For the purposes of this project, I guess I’m a cool palette person for sure.

If you haven’t done so already, DEFINITELY be sure to toss your name in the hat for my giveaway!