Daily Archives: 05.24.2011

Whatever it Takes

In April, I blogged about running.  Choosing joy.  Putting your head down and going for it.

For the past few weeks?  Running has been HARD.

It has been anything but joyful.

We ALL know that’s usually a big selling point for me.

I haven’t been in the mood.

I’ve been exhausted.

My energy has vaporized.

Only getting four hours of sleep/night might have something to do with that.

From a physical standpoint (runners, you know about this) my legs and lungs don’t match right now.

My legs?  Could go for miles.

My lungs?  Burn.

My head is not in the right place.

There’s a zone…somewhere.

But right now I seem to be in a zone-free zone.

For the past two long runs, my stomach has been in shambles.

And, shocker of the century, I’m not eating enough protein…AGAIN.

After 16 miles on Saturday morning, the moment I stepped into the shower, it was as if I had doused myself in ammonia.


Instead of carb-loading, I’m meat-loading.

My goal hasn’t been to accomplish Epic Feats of Strength, my goal has been to finish.

To survive.

It’s really easy to lose sight of the fact that walking up to the starting line is your first accomplishment, crossing the finish line is your second, and beyond that the opportunities to achieve are endless.

On paper?  I’m doing great.  I’m following my scheduled workouts, my weekly mileage is on-track.  I’m Practicing Yoga like someone who has chosen a life of contemplation.

But the reality of it all is mostly frustrating.  I’ve been in triage mode.  Some of you might think of this as “intuitive,” but it just isn’t for this lady.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get my body moving after work.  The treadmill is a valid option (not that our weather has been so…appealing).  Running intervals on my continuous running days is JUST fine.

Every five minutes that I’m still moving forward is a victory.

I’m sure in a month or so, I’ll have learned some sort of extremely sage lesson from this experience to share with y’all, but right now?  It’s just misery, really.

What do you do when you hit a rough patch with your exercise?

Change activities?  Swap your scenery?  Take a rest day? 

What do you do to motivate yourself?

This might sound super-dorky, but as I was watching The Biggest Loser season finale tonight and they played the clip of Justin yelling, “Nobody is weak, everybody is strong!” I realized that I usually have some sort of mantra that keeps me going.  Lately, I DEFINITELY haven’t had one of those.