A Bit Moody

The weather in MN over the weekend was more than a little bit moody.

Which is to say that once it started storming on Saturday, it never really stopped.

On Sunday afternoon, about an hour after the storm had passed, we actually went to a BBQ about six or seven blocks from where the tornado-storm ripped through Fridley.  We ended up having to pick one friend up because his power was out (thus the car was NOT coming out of the garage), there were downed trees up and down his street, and his neighborhood for the most part was blocked off.

Most people would take that as a sign that they were not meant to be with the group that day, but we just didn’t see it that way.  Blessedly his house as well as the house we BBQ-ed at were damage-free, so we Kept Calm and Carried On.

While we were driving home, the sky was still doing its own moody thing, and so was I.  Snaps were in-order.

Dig it.

Next thing you know we’ll all be wearing black skinny jeans and black nail polish with spiked bracelets.  All of that moodiness has to go…somewhere.

And in case you were wondering, yes, that IS a freshly-dyed mane you’re staring at in the last snap.

On Wednesday, I decided to pull out of the tailspin that was my hair color situation and made an appointment to go into an Aveda salon near my house.  It wasn’t so much for the convenience of it all, but because of the necessity.

File that one under “victory” for sure.

For reference, my ‘fit for Billy’s graduation ceremony and party, two weeks ago.

No, that’s NOT sunlight reflecting off of my hair.  That would be the three inches of blonde roots I was rockin’.  If you ever want to know what my natural color is, THERE’S YOUR ANSWER.

Hair color aside, if you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, hop on over and check it out!

What’s the longest you’ve ever put-off getting your hair cut and colored?

Do you see the same stylist every time you get your hair done?

How often do you take moody pictures?


15 responses to “A Bit Moody

  1. Stay safe out there with all the storms! I don’t dye my hair but I had a friend who changed her hair color every 6 months. Her roots would ALWAYS get horrible before she would dye it again, and she would never dye it the same color for some reason!

  2. I haven’t cut my hair in almost a year. I tried to get it cut at a salon (as opposed to doing it myself) over the weekend and I waited for an hour and a half AFTER my hair was shampooed for the stylist to finish someone else… needless to say I left and never got it cut!

  3. Haha, that’s not far from my hair now, only opposite. Sandy brown roots with lighter ends. Look how gorgeous your natural hair color is! But then, your gorgeos either way. I do not want to admit how long I have, and often do go between cut and colors. And I, generally, just go wherever when I do go. I know, I am a horrible girl sometimes.

  4. That weather this weekend was NUTS. And I RELIGIOUSLY go to the same girl for my hair. I simply don’t trust anyone else.

  5. I like the new ‘do. I’m digging your natural hair color too.

  6. Oh, the sky is pretty. And nice new hair! Your natural color looks quite pretty though.
    Speaking of getting hair done, I am in serious need of a cut. I keep saying that, so we’ll see when that gets done.

  7. I go to the same salon every time but get different stylists, I usually get a pretty basic cut and even if they do different things, I always end up looking like baby from dirty dancing.

    I love your natural blonde 🙂

  8. Your pictures of the sky are amazing!

    I have definitely left my hair for well over a year without getting it professionally cut. I’m happy to say that I’ve found a stylist who I love and now go quite regularly 🙂

  9. Those sky pics are awesome. Love cloudy, vibrant sky shots.
    The one of you and your lovely hair is also fabulous. Yay!
    Stay safe in that nasty weather! :]

  10. I try to get my roots fixed every couple of months…but sometimes I stretch it three months. I feel like my color turns brassy (orange) so quickly…not sure what that’s about. Boo hoo hoo.

  11. Your cut/color is super-cute! LOVE it!

    My hair has been practically every color on the market, but I haven’t colored it in a long, long time. I figure once the gray hair starts making its presence known, I will be dying it for the rest of my life–so I took a break. But I *always* have the same person regularly cut my hair.

  12. Whoa that is one cool looking sky!

    I always go to the same stylist because I found one I like, and for me that’s so hard!

  13. The longest I’ve gone is 6 months…yikes. But I do go to the same person, I haven’t normally in the past, but this guy knows how to do my hair the way I like. A rarity!

  14. The other day I was at my hairdresser’s and she said “you know, I’ve known you longer than you’ve known your husband.” That’s the kind of relationship we rock. It’s a necessity when you have super thick hair that tends to randomly curl.

  15. Love the new hair color! I’m actually contemplating lightening up my hair color- just not ready for the plunge yet…

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