Daily Archives: 05.22.2011

The third time? Probably a charm.

On Friday, The Blog turned three.

I know.  I KNOW.

Where are my priorities, people?

And of all of the years so far, I would definitely say that this one has been the best.

But for a trip down memory lane, check out my very first post!

When people ask me why I blog, I give them the same answer I give people when they ask me why I run.

It makes me a nicer person.

I am a nicer person because I write.  I am a calmer person because I write.  To spend some time here every day, with all of you on this giant talk show couch in the sky, means that I am allowed to relax, release and move forward.

All of that aside, I’ve made SO many wonderful new friends.

I’ve finally found my voice.

Which is to say that when I talk with someone I know who reads The Blog, nothing makes me smile more than when they tell me that what comes out here sounds exactly like Kat in Real Life.

And for every time that I’ve written something that I’m POSITIVE is going to make people want to jump ship, you respond twice as much with your words of experience, support and encouragement.

So, thank you.  A million times over.

Because Birthdays should be celebrated with one’s favorite things, this year I would LOVE to give away a copy of Nigella Kitchen to one of my readers.

Y’all have basically been proxy-cooking your way through it with me for the last few months, so it’s time to get started from the comfort of your own kitchen.

And to another winner, I’ll be more than happy to mail off a Vera Bradley Clip Zip ID case.

Should you use it for your ID?  Absolutely not.  That falls into the categories of Practical and Functional AKA everything we are not.

The real reason to own this tiny pouch?  I keep it in my purse – the front half holds bobby pins and hair binders while the back half holds a host of accessories.  Being able to swap out necklaces and earrings on a whim is key to a diva’s survival.

You can get up to three entries so, here’s how to win!

  1. Comment on this post.  Share some seriously important stuff.  Or just stop lurking for the day.
  2. Tweet (and comment here that you did!): @kljw Happy Birthday Tenaciously Yours,!  I want to win your favorite things!  http://wp.me/pGQNu-1Mb
  3. Spread the love.  Blog about it and link back to this post.  And then comment back here letting me know.

The contest will close at 12 PM (CST) on Saturday, May 28th.  My goal is to announce a winner before we make it down from Crosslake.

Kittens I’m so sorry to say this (it makes me feel like a Grinch and a half!) but this giveaway isn’t open to anyone outside of the 48 contiguous states.  Shipping costs be damned.

Ready, set, go!