The Law Of The Land

There’s so much to share and yet now is neither the time nor the place.

We had a rather ferocious storm earlier this evening and I started to type, but I got rather distracted by the open bottle of Cabernet we had lying around and our new wine aerator.

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Consider this a cautionary tale in what happens when the last pre-wedding date night you can squash into the schedule happens to be at Chimborazo.

As I was scraping the very last bits of the tres leches cake off of the plate, Marcus thanked me for not actually licking the plate in a public place.

Being seen with me in a public place is a privilege, not a right

Seriously?  Minneapolis readers, run, don’t walk.

And make sure to bring all of your hipster friends.  Because it’s not so hip that people don’t bathe, but it’s definitely hip enough that Buffalo Check is the Pattern of Choice and ironic hats are The Law Of The Land.

Take heart in the fact that there was nary a scarf to be seen in the entire place.

There’s also a bit of Blog Admin we can expect to address in the next few days…

  • Birthday.  Tenaciously Yours, has turned three behind our backs.  Expect excessive amounts of reflection and introspection as well as a giveaway.
  • Running.  It’s quite the ordeal.
  • Rhubarb.  Harvest it, cook it.  So many ways, so little time.
  • My mane.

How do you identify Hipsters?

What’s the last “new” type of cuisine you have gotten to try?

13 responses to “The Law Of The Land

  1. I love reflection and introspection, but I love giveaways even more. Looking forward!

  2. Happy blog birthday! 🙂
    I loooove me some rhubarb!

  3. Hmm, apparently I’m not adventurous, because I seriously can’t think of the last time I tried a “new” type of cuisine. Unless you count olive-studded focaccia in Italy in 2008? yeah, didn’t think so. Congrats on 3 years!

  4. Alas, I often feel such a creature of habit sometimes. Nothing adventurous lately I’m afraid. Happy 3 yr bloggyversarry!

  5. You need to put restaurant links at the END of your blog b/c I got totally distracted by the menu and forgot what I was reading. That place looks AMAAAAZING and has been added to my date night requirement.

    I am also planning a rhubarb post, as I am just discovering rhubarb. Seriously. Never had it before a week ago. The deprivation is overwhelming.

  6. Three years? Wow Kat, I had no idea! Congrats and happy annivesary!

    New cuisine? Yes, I have tried a new cuisine. It’s called, “Let’s pull together whatever we can when we have no groceries and make it work.” So far so good. Seriously though, around here picky people don’t survive. So any and all new cuisines are welcome!

  7. Wow 3 years is quite an accomplishment.
    Happy blogiversary!!!!

  8. I’ve never heard of that restaurant, but perhaps it’s worth a visit? After all, Jay and I will need a great Anniversary Dinner since our main 1-year Anniversary gift to eachother is the deed to our new house. The 1- year gift is “paper”, right? The house papers count, right? Thanks for the recommendation. And also – HAPPY BLOGGIVERSARY. That’s cool.

  9. Happy birthday blog indeed!!

    Last cuisine? hmm, I am not sure. I made some indian curry last week and I’d never made one like it before (but I’ve eaten and made lots of curries previously).

  10. Congrats on the blog birthday!
    And the last time I tried “new” cuisine was when I decided to try Qdoba. …which gave me food poisoning. Ugh. But before that, it was pinapple curry from a thai restaurant, which was good (but very spicy)!

  11. krissy loves wine

    Hah, hipsters! They crack me up. You don’t need to identify them, you just know. Lucky for me, I don’t see them in real life too often. They are scared of the hood. Haha.

  12. krissy loves wine

    Oh, and I see a lot on etsy. But that’s just what they do over there.

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