Friday Food Round-Up!

What I usually post for the Friday Food Round-Up is what Marcus and I cook together during the week.

But this week between a celebratory graduation dinner, Marcus being out-of-town on business and another bridal shower, there really wasn’t time for cooking.

I made a batch of granola to distribute as hostess gifts at the shower.

Some croutons because I knew that Marcus would love them more than anything when he got home.

And on Wednesday night in-between a long(er) run and tackling my to-do list, I went all throw-back and cooked myself some pretty bitchin’ Single Girl Food.

What is Single Girl Food?  Those strange combinations of food that you crave and are more than happy to eat for dinner when no one else is looking.

Behold: Soft Fried Eggs on Whole Grain Toast with (hidden) Cheddar Cheese and a side of Roasted Radishes with Basil Aioli.

Brown butter happens, and I don’t care.

After reading about radishes absolutely everywhere over the past few weeks, I decided that The Universe was Directing Me To Act and it was time to test them out in our kitchen.  Yes, roasting them definitely mellowed out the flavor, but they weren’t exceptional.

I found a recipe in The New York Times by Melissa Clark for a Seared Radish Crostini that we’ll test out next week.  There is still hope.

And, lest I completely ignore them, let’s talk about the egg thing.  I don’t want to say we’re veering off into Ode territory here, but it might be pretty close.

Besides being able to make a mean guacamole at the drop of a hat, being able to cook an egg properly is probably one of the most valuable skills you can learn in the kitchen.


They’re good protein.  They’re cheap.  They’re comforting, but they’re not comfort food.  They’re able to elevate simple ingredients instantly.

The last point, people, is the key.

Par example: You’re doing a leftovers round-up.  You have choices…Leftover roasted veggies, a hearty dollop or two of polenta, some rice, a sweet potato.  Take any of the above and fashion it into your base.  Add a bit of cheese.  Shredded, goat, or cream cheese are all great choices. Soft fry an egg or two, plop them on top of your base, season if desired (a bit of pesto makes one feel VERY fancy) and serve.

Suddenly, you’ve managed to action a completely serviceable, healthy, delicious (and likely attractive) dinner.  And it only took five minutes from start to finish.

Take that, Rachael Ray.

How often do you eat eggs?

What’s your favorite single girl food to make?

I have to say, I’m a major fan of making a dinner out of Egg Bake for One, doing a Mexi-Baked Potato or eating Oven Fries.  It’s a shameless way to live.


7 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. My single girl food is Bertolli Ravioli. I don’t know why. That with some Classico Alfredo Sauce. LOVE!

    I am so with you on the egg sandwiches. I like to “Treat” myself to a fried egg beater w/ melted cheese on Trader Joe’s Fiber Bread. Feels naughty, but doesn’t break the calorie bank.

    You make croutons? This I have to visit. That’s impressive.

  2. I eat eggs almost daily- I love them and buy them in bulk! I don’t know what my favorite single girl food is, but the husband has some trips planned in the future so I guess I’ll be finding out soon enough- eggs will definitely be there…

  3. Single girl food is often pasta or eggs! Roasted radishes,,sounds fun!

  4. I go through phases with eggs. Sometimes I eat them a lot for breakfast.. other times I won’t eat them for months. I’d like to think i can make a good egg, but there’s only me to eat them 🙂 Justine refuses to eat eggs.

  5. Since I’m a big fan of protein, we have eggs a few times/week. They are my go to single girl food, preferably over a big leafy salad. I love how the hot egg slightly wilts the greens.

  6. I was the fortunate beneficiary of some of your granola – it was a bit of heaven – a fluffy, light granola that still manages to provide a relatively intense flavor. The sweetness of the honey, the vanilla, and the oats, blueberries, and almonds all come through in the chewing. (Note that I eat my granola dry). Thanks darling!

  7. Eggs are usually a perfect single girl food. I’ve learned that it’s possible to microwave eggs, so I had some in my dorm. That is a food you want to eat only if your room mate is not around, because one it smells weird afterwards, and you look crazy eating eggs from a cup.
    You made granola? Yum!

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