Daily Archives: 05.18.2011

Wedding Wednesday

Um, so first things first.

Can I just say how much I love that we all love The Tree?  I thought that maybe I was taking The Blog for a turn down Screw-y Street, so I’m extremely pleased that we’re all on the same page as far as adoring Things That Flower in all their glory is concerned.

This week we either managed to avoid snafus, or I’m just repressing them until the day that it can ALL come out in therapy.  So, let us begin.

By the numbers…

We get married in 25 days.

I only have 14 days left of work.

Next week is my last five-day work week until the wedding.

The reality…

On Saturday I hit a wall.

The last few months have kind of been a study in getting busier and busier.

Like a hawk spiraling in towards a kill, or some fun nature metaphor like that.

But after making it to the one month mark, I had the OHMIGODTHISISREALLYHAPPENINGTOUS moment and basically have been unable to function ever since.

I’m not overwhelmed by the planning.

Let’s be serious, I’m a distant bride at best.

And I’m not particularly concerned about any of the details.

It’s pretty simple.  He shows up, I show up and we do the damn thing.

I’m not being held hostage by cravings for wine/cheese/carbs/eating after 9 PM.

We all know my feasting perspective is based on the concept that More is More.

What stresses me out?  The fact that I can look down at my calendar and tell you exactly what I’m doing every day from now until June 12th.


I’ve never been able to function comfortably that way (I do the best when there’s some “wiggle room” in my schedule), so this new reality is basically terrifying to me.

But wait, there’s more!

What the wedding books don’t tell you: That a month away from your wedding, every beloved girlfriend in your contacts list will call/text/tweet/e-mail to try to set up a pre-wedding bonding sesh.

You will have to shoot them all down.

Brides, please take note at this point that it doesn’t get progressively easier.

So instead my heart is exploding while I send yet another The Mind Says Yes, Reality Says No-type e-mail.

Because what girl worth her weight in truffles doesn’t want to sip wine/drink lattes/go to happy hour/brunch it out/grab dinner/eat enough sushi to make mercury poisoning is a given?

I shit you not, today I actually contemplated setting up Skype-dates in my kitchen so I could Accomplish while socializing.

Because that’s not totally ridiculous.

Married readers, at what point did you begin to get stressed before your wedding?

At what point do you pick out what you’re going to wear to the ceremony?

I’m just terrible at this!  Last summer, I wore the same dress to like…five weddings because they all involved different friend groups.  It cut A LOT of the crap and made for a very affordable summer clothing-wise.