Daily Archives: 05.17.2011

Exploding with Flowers

People, I think I might have a problem.

I’ve been meaning to take a snap or six of the flowering tree outside of our house for the past few days now.  But procrastination, cloudy weather and outright laziness derail even the best laid plans.

So, imagine how astonished I was this morning when I was so moved by the natural light, I leapt out of my car in the driveway as I was leaving for work, to take a couple of shots.

I know.  I KNOW.

It’s not like I even have a game, but if I did?  It would be all over the place.

Game or no game, the tree in our grass patch “front yard” has literally exploded with flowers.

When I lived in the sorority senior year, there was a flowering crab right outside my window that I loved more than anything.  It killed me to think about leaving it.

When we saw this house and I saw this tree in front of our living room window?

I decided that it was probably love.

Our somewhat-reclusive neighbor informed me a couple of weeks ago that the tree was already two weeks late in flowering (I have no recollection of when it blossomed last year), so this has just been such a treat to enjoy.

As a little bonus, all manner of squirrels and little birds romp about in it, so it’s kind of fun to have such a close-up view of their tiny adventures.

Just think of it as  Meerkat Manor for the 45th Parallel, sans-any sort of consistent cast.

Okay, so there is That Robin that insists on flying into our window like it’s A Calling.  And That Red-Winged Blackbird who is constantly At War with every other varmint out there.  His way?  Is NOT peace.

No, I’m not kidding.  I’m actually that obsessed.

Do you have any flowering trees?

Do you have any varmints or critters that make a regular appearance in your yard?