Daily Archives: 05.14.2011

A trip to the Market

Happy Saturday, kittens!

I actually have a three-day weekend situation going on here that I’ll  explain tomorrow.  Since I’m in the middle of living presently and all that, we live in the now 😉

Today was meant to be a day of Admin.  I rolled out of bed at 5 AM, ran 15 miles, slept it off and then took my dresses for the rehearsal dinner and the reception to the tailor.

Productivity = Accomplished.

As far as I’m concerned you have to Go Big or…Go Big.

Post-tailor, I managed to cajole (okay so it really didn’t take any cajoling at all) Mom into going down to the Midtown Global Market.  The Minnesota Food Bloggers were having a bake sale and I wanted to eat some damn good food.

Yes, it’s curse-worthy.

The Market has been on my To-Do list for like a year now, mostly because I haven’t been in AGES (read: more than a year) and it lends itself SO well to feasting.

And, having spent an hour there, I was totally reminded as to why I put this place on the same level as Whole Foods and Lunds.  I avoid setting foot in them at All Costs because otherwise, I end up wanting to buy basically everything in sight.

Some girls have a shoe problem.  I like to think I have a purse problem.  But the reality is, I have a grocery problem.

What did we see?

More feta choices than I thought one ever could (or should!) have.



All cheeses big and small.

Neon cookies from the panaderia.

And a plate of deliciousness from La Loma Tamales.

I was not mentally prepared.  Just call this therapy divided into thirds.

Naturally there was a lovely Chocolate Dulce Cupcake from Salty Tart that I dominated in the car on the way home.  I wanted to wait until I was at a proper table, I really did.  But to spend even a minute trying NOT to think about chocolate buttercream frosting and a salty caramel center is to hear its siren song.

And that bake sale?  Was fabulous.  I snagged a jar of homemade fig jam for $5.  I’ve been trying to use The Secret to source a jar FOREVER and so when I saw it on the counter, I didn’t even hesitate before snatching it up.

Are there any global market/mass food court-type buildings near you?

What are your go-to bake sale buys?

I’ll always choose canned things like jams, pickles, etc. if I have that choice.  Otherwise, I’m A Major Fan of homemade things that have been dipped in chocolate like Buckeyes and Black & White cookies.