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Wedding Wednesday

It’s so hard to think that four weeks from now, I will be sitting at home, having finished my last day of work before the wedding.

Actually, it’s really not that hard, it’s more surreal than anything else.

Things last week?  Not so wild.  Things from here on out?  All wild, all the time.

So, effective immediately, I’m turning over my life (and any hope of making plans beyond running after work and eating a proper dinner) to making it through these last four weeks with my sanity intact and some semblance of a sense of perspective.


So I’ve been writing my thank you notes at work, right?  And so I left a stack of addressed, stamped envelopes on my desk to polish off over my lunch hour.

Which was great, except for the fact that our over-eager postwoman decided that they were fair game.

Thankfully, they were only for my bridesmaids, and she only took the one she deemed “sealed” (it was absolutely not).

So, Linds…When you get home and there’s a really cute envelope waiting for you in your mailbox, just know that the only thing you’re going to find inside is a hot pink Post-It note that says “Champagne Glasses.”

Love you SO hard.


Ohmigod, we are getting close.  This week we booked our flights from Paris to Marseilles and back again, which was the last thing that was really looming over our heads.  Originally, we were planning on taking the train, but this ended up being $100 cheaper and MUCH faster.

That means that the ONLY thing we have left on our To Do list is booking a hotel room for the night we’ll be in Marseilles…

…And sourcing some Euros.

…And renting an international smart phone (apparently the DROID is a non-option)

…And making photocopies of our passports, one of which may or may not feature a blonde, makeup-free, 17 year old that looks nothing like The Most Current Edition

Otherwise, we are absolutely good to go.

By good to go, I do not in any way, shape, or form mean that I have spent any time mentally preparing for the ordeal that is Packing (though I have mentally prepared myself for Not Buying Anything at the Louis Vuitton Flagship on the Champs-Elysees).  Considering the fact that I pack a giant duffel bag for a weekend with the family at the cabin, I have no idea of how I’m going to determine what a well-edited wardrobe for two weeks in Europe looks like.

Pray for me, people.

Blog Admin

I realized today that with only a month left until the big day, I needed to get my act together to make sure that y’all aren’t left with two-and-a-half weeks of dead air.

I know I don’t talk about the actual act of blogging very often on The Blog, but truth be told, unless something deadly-fascinating happens during the week, I usually have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to share with you a day or two before it actually gets posted.

I know…I KNOW.  It all comes out 😉

To make a long story extremely short, if I want to make sure that you all have interesting stuff to read over your morning coffee and give you more to chew on on than the odd inspirational quote or picture, then my ducks need to be in a row.

And I pinky swear (scout’s honor!), I won’t subject you all to two and a half weeks of Wordless Wednesday-style posts or Pinterest-inspired extravaganzas.  One can only handle so much of that, really.

If you had to choose five pieces of clothing to bring to Europe, what would you pack?

Black Dress.  Metallic Flats.  Leggings.  White T-Shirt.  Pashmina.

God, maybe I am learning how to edit myself.

Bloggers, when you’re away from The Internet, do you line up guest posters?  Post in advance?  Post from your destination?  Stay silent for a few days?

If we weren’t leaving the country, I would definitely try to post a daily snap with some commentary or something of the like, but obviously in this situation, y’all are just going to have to close your eyes and imagine me looking out over the Mediterranean Sea.