Daily Archives: 05.10.2011

A Casual Watcher

We had a heat index of  ~90 here today, which is a little bit profound, considering the fact that nine days ago we had snow.  But as Minnesotans know better than anyone else, Mother Nature is a tricky, tricky lady.

Naturally, I was so psyched about the warmth and the lovely green smell that has permeated everything, that I totally discounted the fact that usually one eases into running in such extreme temperatures.

Easing in?  I said no to that.  I ran three of my six miles outdoors (it’s a three-mile loop) and, chastened by the absolutely oppressive heat (and some mild heat exhaustion), headed inside to the cool Shangri-La otherwise known as our basement to do the last three miles on the treadmill.

I don’t know that I would classify the experience as “epic” failure, but let’s just say that moving my legs today was more about trying not to vomit and less about winning.  And, until I read Bree’s post tonight, I thought maybe I was just being a quitter.  But apparently, it really was just That Bad.

Extreme temperatures bring extreme weather, and since our weather forecast for the week has been ominously sporting storm clouds Every Day, I was wondering when we would get hit.

Just like our extremely light dabbling in ornithology (another story for another day), when I was a pup, Mom made a point of teaching me just enough about meteorology to allow me to do a bit of casual weather forecasting as it applies to my own life.

Hello, Prairie-skill.

It probably doesn’t help that my favorite movie growing up (and still one of my all-time favorites!) was Twister.  I saw it in fourth grade, and it was the first PG-13 movie I was allowed to watch.  Ever.

Really, the whole Twister-thing is kind of ironic considering the fact that when I was tiny, if Hennepin County was flashing red on the tv screen, I would gather all of my most precious possessions and transport them all from my bedroom on the second floor to the basement.  By God, if we were going to get leveled by The Storm, Mother Nature was NOT getting the My Little Ponies.

Twister and my obviously advanced Shelter Seeking-tactics aside, let it be known that if you teach a kid in elementary school about mammatus clouds, they will never, ever forget.

If you see these? Check your radar to fully grasp the idea that the storm is on top of you, and be prepared to seek shelter.

We didn’t get “hit” tonight, but other parts of the metro area definitely did.  Judging from one of the local news stations, it sounded like there was a smattering of inappropriately large hail and the odd-tornado.

Billy shot this from his window at The University of Minnesota.  Not mammatus, but still a fabulous snap, regardless.

Obviously her school of hard knocks was successful.

On an indoors-note, le jardin has officially turned into le jungle.  I would laugh, except for the fact that the tomato plants have all but obscured one window in the living room.

I actually had to re-arrange them this week because they were starting to choke off the sunlight to one of my basil planters.  Nevermind the fact that the plants themselves are all tangled as well.

It’s just that 11/10 green thumb I have.

I never thought I would say this…And by that, I mean I never knew I would even know how to say this, but I have NEVER wanted the soil temperatures to reach 60 degrees as badly as I do at this particular moment in time.

Houston, we SO have a problem.

Do you enjoy watching severe storms?

At what point do you decide it’s too hot to exercise outside?