Daily Archives: 05.07.2011

No rest for the weary

A week later, having read a lovely round of race recaps care of fellow-racer Matthew, I’m feeling WAY better about my race experience.  I ran in the freezing cold, as a non-winter runner, into gusting winds that were hitting speeds of 20 mph to finish in a giant muckhole.

And because there’s no rest for the weary, we are rolling straight into marathon training, kittens.  My first goal is to finish, but I DEFINITELY have a goal time in mind.  So I’m planning to loosely follow one of the Runners’ World intermediate training programs (hello, NOT the one you pay for).  It maxes out at 20 miles and I’d like to make it to 22, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, seeing as right now we’re not even close.

Because we live in a perfect world, the plan is actually meant to begin the weekend that we get married.  So I’m just jumping into the middle of it all now.  The more miles I can get under my belt before we leave for the honeymoon, the better shape I’ll be in when we come home.

More?  Is more.

In addition to A Plan, I have A Resolution as well: I need to make yoga non-negotiable.  Yes, I do 10 minutes per morning, 4 times per week.  But on my rest days?  I’ve been slacking big time.  I haven’t been doing 10 minutes of yoga, much less the 30-60 minute sessions that could really help.

I know that core and upper body strength are a HUGE part of being a successful (and healthy!) runner.  So I really need to get into the mindset that “My Practice” is just as important as putting on my shoes and facing-off against heat stroke in the middle of July.

I mean, beating heat stroke is probably a more practical skill than the downward dog, but the downward dog is probably more desirable.

A couple of you asked what splits were, after seeing this lovely snap on Sunday morning.

Which begs the question: What ARE splits?  Why do we care?

When I run?  I have a goal time in-mind.  And in order to run my race in that time (stay on pace), I need to be able to keep-track of how fast I’m going to make sure that I’m not running TOO fast (I might burn out) or TOO slow (I won’t be able to make my goal).

Meaning, if I’m running at a consistent pace, I should know how long it will take me to run one mile, two miles, three miles and so on and so forth.

If you’re in a pace group, they’ll give you a nifty wristband to help you out.  But since the pace group/wristband situation was a little bit non-existent when I went to pick up my packet, I had to go commando and scribe-it-out on my arm.  So, as I passed each mile marker, I was able to check my watch and my arm to make sure that I was still on-track to make my goal time.  Which, according to a 9:30 pace, was 2:04:17.

Runners: Do you prefer to run with or without a pace group?

Given that I run with an iPod, I’m not particularly invested in what the pacer may or may not be discussing with the group, but it is really nice at some points to be able to zone-out and follow someone.

Do you practice yoga?

p.s. I posted the training plan I used for the half in the Trotting section.  Obviously, given the fact that I’m EXTREMELY honest about the fact that I spend ZERO time reading about running and mostly “wing it”, I’m not a fitness expert.