Daily Archives: 05.04.2011

Wedding Wednesday

We’ve managed another week without any snafus, so I Give Thanks, kittens.

My wedding shoes arrived and fit comfortably (why did I not order a pair of Revas YEARS ago?), I got my dress taken in on the day before my half-marathon.  Given the fact that the fitting came on the tail end of The Carb Jag of the century (welcome to my reality), I would say The Dress is going to fit extremely comfortably on The Big Day.

With only six weeks to go until The Big Day (yes, it has to be like this), I think we’re at the point where either Things Have Completely Settled Down OR Things Are Going To Get Really Wild, Really Fast.

The jury is still out.

Marriage License

Since I took the day off last Friday for the Royal Wedding, Marcus and I ended up heading over to the county service center to apply for our marriage license.

We definitely lucked out – because we rolled over mid-morning, the place was basically dead when we arrived.  I had horrific visions of sitting in those terrible pleather chairs for hours-on-end that were 0% thrilling, so this was encouraging to me.

The Veil

The Royal Wedding was absolutely no help as far as the veil was concerned.  Princess Catherine (as Clarence House has made it known that if we feel it’s more natural to refer to the Duchess of Cambridge in that way, we’re more than welcome to do so) looked beautiful, but that kind of veil only worked in the 30’s or in the odd situation where one might find themselves with millions of dollars worth of Cartier sitting atop their head.


But, in the wedding-spirit, on Friday morning Sue brought over the veils she had sourced from Party City  (yes, you read that right).

Given that all I require is an extremely simple veil (no edging, no lace) she hopped-to when she saw them selling that very thing attached to a simple comb.  We popped them in (as I need front and back coverage) and were sold.

The grand total at David’s Bridal for the same thing would have been $100.

Our grand total?  $20.

The Shower

For those not in the Twin Cities, we basically had monsoon-style rains on Saturday morning, so spending the brunch hour with family and friends was actually the best of all possible situations.

…not that enjoying time with family and friends is a weather-dependent activity 😉

It was glorious, and I was wearing the cutest outfit ever

read: an adorable pink and gray, shantung-type, abstract leopard-print skirt with a black, ruffled shell

So, of course it made total sense for me to take zero pictures of the event.

We did a bit of light feasting (by that I mean everyone went back for seconds), there was an abundance of champagne, and I saw some of the most elaborate dresses ever created in an epic round of the Toilet Paper Bride game.

And, when it came time to open presents (I STILL haven’t looked at our registry…not even just to peek!), I was assisted by my three-year old cousin, Sam.  Being the little life enthusiast that he is, he would let out a little peep of joy every time he would pull a card out from its envelope.

God, to be three and confronted with wrapping paper.

Have you ever seen anyone use a magnifying glass on a computer screen before?

What’s the best food you’ve ever eaten at a bridal shower?

My next (and last!) shower is mid-May and it’s a dinner arrangement, at which point we will have hit all of the meals (including the epic fourth meal at bar close as per my Hawaiian Karaoke Shower).