Daily Archives: 05.02.2011

Just an Ordinary Day of Glamour

Today was just an ordinary day of glamour ’round these parts.

I rolled out of bed and was pleased to discover that…

  1. I wasn’t completely paralyzed.
  2. I didn’t catch pneumonia.

Small victories, kittens.  Small victories.  This would be the perfect example of a situation where More is NOT More.

As per The Internet’s advice, I let the mud on my running shoes dry overnight and then went out and bought a cheap toothbrush to address the issue with.  10 minutes later, I found myself in a totally manageable situation.

Good call, Internet.  Good call.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why people even bother to ask questions without Google-ing them first.

But that is neither here nor there.

I did a bit of yoga.

Confession: I have the love-hate relationship of the century with yoga.  I love the end result.  But I have MAJOR trouble mustering any sort of enthusiasm for it before the fact.

But since today was most definitely a Day of Rest, I forced myself into the basement and onto the mat to continue my Practice.

50 minutes and a couple of extremely shaky side planks later, I was renewed.

In a perfect world, I would have moved le jardin outside.  It would be flourishing in the fresh spring air, and we would be making the Final Plans for re-planting the tomatoes.

Mais non.  Today, it was in the 40s.

At this point, I can only take solace in the epic amounts of sunlight that window gets.

Allegedly spring really might be coming tomorrow, which would be a major relief.  Because once I get those tomatoes out of their current holding pens, you had better believe that I’ll be re-planting some of my basil plants in order to ensure an Optimal Harvest.

My priorities are in the following order: I garden for Caprese first, roasted chicken second and practicality third.

What is your favorite summer salad?

What do you do to clean tennis shoes?  Does that whole “just pop them in the washer” thing really work?