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Pyrrhic Victory

I knew that today was just going to be The Best Race Ever when I saw a few snowflakes fall at ~7:30 AM.  Between that and the gusting winds, my Spider Sense told me that some major memory-making was in order.

I got to catch-up with Andrea and Jess in the pre-race porta-potty line, which did WONDERS to calm my jitters.  We all went to high school together and when Andrea read that I was training for the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon, she let me know that they were running it as well so we could catch-up at the race!

And, she agreed to send me a couple of snaps for The Blog.

I kind of love that she used a button-down flannel-type shirt as a toss shirt. I watched WAY too many racers struggle today getting that first layer off and it was just not encouraging stuff.

Andrea is in the front and Jess is the girl in the matching shorts behind her. God, I wish I had the energy to make a mid-run leap today 😉

I?  Was not playing the part of The Joyful Runner today.

This is the most enthusiasm and spirit I could muster for a victory shot.

I ran an injury-free race.  I didn’t have to go to the bathroom during the race.

I PR-ed in a big way.  I kept on reminding myself that ANY PR is a good PR, but I really wanted to finish the race in 2:05.  I finished in 2:02:01.  Which means I beat my last time by over 10 minutes!

But it was basically a Pyrrhic Victory.  I never got warmer (if anything, I got colder).  The finish line was in the middle of a soggy playing field that had been absolutely torn to shreds by the first wave of runners, leaving a muddy mess that I had to action high knees to get through (hello, that is NOT the way you should be finishing a race!).

Thankfully they didn't get totally covered. I'm letting them air-out for the time being, in the hopes that I'll be able to scrape/brush most of the grime off tomorrow.

Once I crossed the finish line, I realized that it had become physically painful to breathe (I suppose two hours of running in freezing temperatures will do that to you).  In short, I felt like I got hit by  steamroller.

I’m glad I ran this morning, because now I know that I won’t wonder What if? which obviously would have been the case if I had hopped on the treadmill instead.  And I know that regardless of what the conditions are, I am physically and mentally able to have an amazing race.

For the record?  I DO NOT plan on making a habit out of this.

What’s the worst race you’ve ever run conditions/situation-wise?

An A Level in Avoidance Techniques

Good morning, kittens!

So, let’s talk about avoidance techniques, shall we?  Because yesterday, in an effort to get around the matter of the weather, the starting corral and all of that, I really did go all-out.

When I got home from my bridal shower and had conducted the latest round of purging, packing and re-organizing, I butchered a turkery.

Back Story:  Every year for Christmas, Marcus’ employer (they’re old school like that) gives each employee a turkey.

It’s pretty cool, really.  Except for the part where there’s never really a “right” time for two people to roast a 15 pound turkey.

So I did a bit of Googling and found out that according to the USDA, if you defrost your frozen bird in the refrigerator (versus in water or on the counter), you’re safe to re-freeze portions of it.

I went to town.  In the most tried and true tradition of Faux Fuchsia, Vegetarians look away!

Our end product?  Breasts, legs, de-boned thighs and wings.  Had I been feeling more Industrious, I would have boiled the carcass for stock.  But I just wasn’t there yesterday.

Post at-home butchering sesh, we needed to Seek Out Dinner.

Cautious Kat?  Wanted pizza or something extremely bland that would be a pre-race fail safe.

Adventuresome, self-sabotaging Kat?  Needed to get out of the house, adventure, and embrace her risky business-side.

So we ended up checking one off of our long-overdue To Do list and drove in to Minneapolis to try African food at the Blue Nile.

The verdict?  OMG delicious.  We did some major sampling and tried 13 (13!) new dishes and one of the beers from Harriet Brewing.

Retrospectively, I probably should have told Marcus before we walked into the restaurant that you eat Ethiopian food with your hands, but you can’t win them all…right?

And the end result?

As per the sweet pace chart that I just inked on my arm (I hate doing the splits in my head…I’m SO not a math-y person!), I’m planning on going for a run.

See y’all at the finish line!

What do you do to deal with pre-race jitters?

Have you ever tried African food before?