A Pre-Race Mess

Kittens, it is race weekend.  Paige ran her half-marathon today and Kate runs hers tomorrow as well.

When I registered for the Lake Minnetonka Half-Marathon in March, I figured that it might be a bit chilly, but that we would make it work.

What I didn’t count on?  That the weather forecast for May 1st would involve snow and wind in the morning.  Since I’m planning on running around a lake (which is windy to begin with), this is obviously problematic since we all know that if there’s one thing I’m NOT, it’s a  winter weather runner.

So here’s the deal…

My race bag is packed, and my alarm is set.  But tomorrow?  It’s entirely possible that I’ll put on my bib, turn on the treadmill and run the first official (since I did it two weeks ago sans-bib…NOT official) Kat Hates The Weather Half-Marathon.

If I’m a nervous starter to begin with (those corrals are packed to the gills and the loneliest places on the planet…really), the fact that I’m entirely unsure as to what will be happening tomorrow morning has made me even more of a mess.

To that end, as per the usual, I ask for you to think of me and appeal to your deity of choice for the following:

  1. To calm my starting corral jitters.
  2. That I have a safe and healthy run.
  3. That I don’t have to go to the bathroom during the race.

Obviously I’ll probably do some sort of pre-race post tomorrow morning, but until then, sleep well!

9 responses to “A Pre-Race Mess

  1. Kat, Kat, Kat….. Sending LOTS of happy vibes your way!! If I can run the 10k this morning (in that damn cold, windy rain), you can run your half-marathon tomorrow morning. Not only are you going to run it, you are going to OWN it!!!! Get out there and make me proud!! 🙂

  2. do NOT do a treadmill race. I will be very sad if i dont see you tomorrow. I live in FLORIDA and i’m 100% going to go out and brave the weather. all i needed was a small wardrobe adjustment, as i will not be running in shorts and a sports bra. bummer cuz they were color coordinated.

  3. Good luck Kat! So many people running half marathons this year! I know you’re gonna rock it, even if there is a chance of snow. Have fun and take deep breaths before hand! Love!

  4. Good luck! I’m actually hearing it will be windy but no snow, I hope that’s the case for you! And naturally, most importantly, that you’re safe. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  5. Good luck Kat! You will do great! Wear gloves and ear muffs or a headband to cover your ears from the wind….

  6. Oh my god, SNOW?! Are you kidding me?! It’s May, for Christ’s sake! I will definitely be sending good vibes your way and crossing my fingers for good weather in Minnesota. I get really nervous at the start of every race but within the first few miles, I can normally find a groove. I totally agree though- it’s so lonely to be by yourself at the beginning!

    You will do awesome! WE CAN DO IT!!

  7. Goodness girl! Hope things work out for you! That would be awful to not be able to do your half marathon. Wishing for the best weather over there for you.

  8. You’ll do great whatever you choose to do! Ugh! I can’t believe snow in May.. hopefully the weather won’t be too bad and you’ll be able to run your race. I’m sending only good vibes your way. Good luck!

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