Daily Archives: 04.27.2011

Wedding Wednesday

The best news of the week?  No snafus!  Unless, I’m totally blacking some incident or another out.  In which case you’ll be fully apprised of the situation next week.

In the here and now, we just Give Thanks.

What else is new?

The Gifts

So we registered for just a ton of board games, right?

Which is really great.  Except for the fact that our cumulative board game experience in the last four years has included one game of Catan that I quit outright and a healthy handful of games of Battleship.

Opening Scrabble?  Was pure magic.  Considering the fact that Marcus is definitely a numbers person and not-so-much a words person, the first thought that flashed through my mind was…Is this how people end up making those magnets for their refrigerators?  This was followed by the revelation that the only dictionaries we have in the house are French and Hebrew.


The Veil

Here’s the deal: Veils are a non-optional part of the Jewish Wedding ceremony.  Every bride wears one.

In my dream-wedding world, I wouldn’t be wearing a veil.  They don’t speak to me, I’ve never imagined myself walking down the aisle with one on.

So in all honesty, depending on what Kate Middleton wears down the aisle on Friday morning, I may attempt to channel something similar.  Given that we’re style soulmates, (I’ve seen absolutely NOTHING I’ve liked as far as veils are concerned) if she manages to pull out a win for the team in that department, I will be all over it.

The Shoes

Kittens, y’all gave me all of the validation I needed to order a pair of shoes I’ve been SO wanting for the wedding.

Apparently the Universe and I were working As One on this endeavor, because I almost bought them on Monday, and didn’t.  My reward?  The appearance of a Saks Fifth Avenue Friends + Family deal (the code is FRIEND3) for 20% off on Tuesday.


They’re going to look lovely going down the aisle and on deck, yes?

The Diet

So let’s talk about this one for a moment.

The Big Day is like…what, a month and a half away?

As per the wedding blogs I’ve drifted to and from over the past few years, as well as conversations with other family and friends, it seems as if I’m imminently near the part of the show where I’m meant to be cutting all refined carbs, desserts, meat and booze from my diet.

Like can we have a rational conversation about this for 10 seconds?

Because it just isn’t happening for me.  The very thought of trying to cut something out of my diet sounds like an absolute joke at best.

A world without wine and Easter candy  cheese  gelato  chocolate is a dark, dark place that I want no part of.

To put it in perspective: Once my half-marathon training ends on Sunday, my marathon training begins.  And you want me to eat…less?

Not-not-not.  Happening.

Are you a veil person?  What’s your favorite style?

When is the last time you “cut back” or changed your eating habits in preparation for an event?